Hori Tekken 6 wireless arcade stick (xbox 360) -- moddable?

Hi all, new here…

Just have a few quick questions about this stick:
Hori’s Tekken 6 Xbox 360 / PS3 joystick ain’t a bad way to burn $150 – Engadget

  1. I prefer the ‘bat’ stick compared the ‘ball’ ended sticks. Does this one unscrew like the classic Namco Arc Sticck (PS1)/Dreamcast official fight stick ? I would like to replace it if I can.
  2. Where can I purchase the ‘bat’ alternative?
  3. Can any other mods be done to this stick? (I would quite like to replace the artwork).
  4. This is wireless… can it be used with the Wireless Game Receiver (for PC) - anyone tried it?

Thanks, :smile::smile::smile:

Not trying to be an ass. But there are already some threads on SRK that will teach you how to mod the stick.
site:shoryuken.com Tekken 6 stick mod - Google Search
1.)The stick does unscrew from the bottom, unsure if the threading is the same as a Sanwa stick, you can do it with the hori fs3 though so I imagine you could do it with this.
2.)Check LizardLick for the battop.
3.)Tons of mods to do, use the search function as I showed you above. You’ll find everything you would need to do from there.
4.)any wireless 360 controller will work with the receiver, i don’t see why this would be any different.

Everything is same PaperTigre typed.

is it possible if anybody here could possible upload a photo of the Tekken 6 USB Dongle which is used to make the wireless fightstick work, i seemed to of lost mine.

i would really appreciate it so i can attach in a email.