Hori to realease Special Edition RAP

Hey there,

I don’t post much here but I was wondering what your thoughts were on these following products. I myself am a little excited by them.



From what I’ve been told by my co workers (I can’t read Japanese), the first stick is an authentic Sanwa stick coupled with authentic Sanwa buttons. As well, the button layout is the original button layout as found on must Japanese cabs.

The second is a Seimetsu stick with Seimetsu buttons.

I believe according to that site, the release date is March 31st of this year and pre-order date is January 31. In any case, I hope to soon place an order for it at the local Denkodo.


What’s the difference between Sanwa and Seimitsu? I heard Sanwa is better.

To be honest, I don’t know what the difference is between the two. Someone more knowledgeable on the board will have to answer that. I am opting for the Sanwa version of the stick simply because I really love the feeling of that stick and the square gates and all. However, I also hang out on a shooter forum and some people there stated that dedicated shooter fanatics prefer the feel of the seimitsu gear over others when playing manic shootemups like DDP or ESPGAluda, etc. Perhaps Hori is going after two different markets with these sticks. Living in Japan, I can tell you that shooters ARE NOT a dying breed over here. Most arcades I have gone to have a fairly large section dedicated to the genre…


Now this has me excited more than the normal RAP. The button layout looks a LOT closer to the standard 6 button japanese layout like on the agetec and namco. The original RAP just didnt look like it came close to that layout.

Problem is, you can only do that layout with serious remapping, as the main 6(face buttons and 2 shoulders) are still to the right. And the way they sit looks unusable for the right 6. All sanwa and the red looks dope though.

Hey Visceral, is that shooter forum in english? I’ve been getting into some shmups lately and it’d be cool to check a board for it. It’s also interesting to hear that Seimitsu is preferred for shooters, are there certain characteristics that you look for in a shmup stick that vary from fighting games?


Yeah… the shooter board is in English. Problem is their forum is completely out of whack at the moment for some reason. So they have a rough default board. Look up www.shmups.com Most of the people over there are pretty cool and the demographics that make up the board are a bit older than your standard game site (probably owing to the fact that shooters are one of the older genres in videogames).

As for stick preference, I am just relaying what some of the posters have said on that board. Personally, I prefer that a stick have a small circumference for a shooter as I think it helps with more accurate navigation when things get hectic on the screen (my problem has always been oversteering the ship into bullet).


Mhmmmm, that red sanwa versions is hotttt!

On the RAPs, is it possible to take off the shaft cover? That and the button dilemma that N-Ken mentioned are the only things keeping Hori from producing the ultimate stick, in my opinion. I think they should take off the 2 rightmost buttons altogether.

Thanks for the news though, Visceral.


Well, if these look to be constructed in the same manner as the original HRAPs, I know that you can unscrew the ball top and then slide off the black shaft cover. The only problem I found with that was that was the joystick then was much more loose and felt strange when you gripped it in a wine cup fashion. Almost as if the stick was digging into the inside of your knuckles somehow when you were executing more complex combos. Needless to say, I promptly put the shaft cover back on the stick. =(


Seimitsu sticks have a slightly longer throw than Sanwas. Plus, the gate system they use is different from Sanwas. Also, with Sanwa stick, when you rotate the stick itself, the acuator hits the switches directly, whereas the Seimitsu stick when rotated pushes the metal bars to activate the microswitches like a Happ Super or Korean Stick. Overall, both are very good sticks.

here is another link with more info. They look pretty cool.

The nice thing about the Sanwa variant is that it uses the OBSF-30RG buttons, which are supposed to be even more responsive and resiliant to damage than the regular OBSF-30 ones.

looks nice

so the special edition HRAP is gonna be the best stick out of the box(since the buttons are sanwa now)…do you think it will be as good as a custom stick? which do you prefer this layout of buttons or the old HRAP?
(I ask because my modified HRAP is on the way and i might want the get the SEHRAP too) :clap:

Whoa the white one looks NICE, I guess I’ll get one.

yeah that button layout sucks for playing with the right six.

i prefer the og button layout, id rather just get sanwa buttons and just pop those in instead of these.

God damn… So temping… I love the way the second one looks, but the Sanwa parts on the first one are just too good…

I gotta saw I quite like both tho.

I don’t like the button layout.

I wouldn’t mind replacing the convex buttons with concave ones, either.

all jap sticks come with convex buttons

The button layout still dont follow the arcades (I prefer six buttons without the unnecessary turbo/slow motion switches). And I dont really like the size and body of the Real Arcade Pro since its too bulky. I think it wouldve been better if they used the actual sanwa/seimitsu parts with their older models like the SC2 or namco.