Hori to sell Hayabusa and Kuro separately!


In an email I just got from them:

"Hayabusa Joystick Unit and Kuro Buttons Coming Soon!

You will soon be able to purchase the HORI original Hayabusa Joystick Unit and Kuro Buttons individually to customize your arcade stick!"


I’m pretty happy about this.


fucking A


Cool, I’ll be trying the stick out.


How does the stick compare to the usual suspects?(ls32,ls56,jlf)


Ohhh shit! Time to pick up a Hayabusa!


about ******* time


Is that the stick that comes with the Hori Fighting Edge?

Can the gate be swapped out for an octo?


Yes, and Dunno…

Doesn’t seem likely that an octogate will fit the Hayabusa without some modding.
It’s not a Sanwa JLF!

Be interesting to see how well the parts sell on their own outside of the FE joystick case.
Hori must have gotten a lot of request to do this… I don’t think it will hurt FE sales that much. I would suspect Hori sold the majority of FE’s it was going to sell this generation before the White FE goes on sale but we’ll see.

I would guess more people are interested in the joystick lever than the buttons.
Hopefully the prices are in line with what Sanwa and Seimitsu charge for mainline (non-silent, non-transparent) product! I’d hate to think the Hayabusa would be priced above $25 but you never know…!

Think I’ll pass unless I hear more positive news about the Hayabusa… the buttons really don’t sound like any kind of improvement on what’s already on market. I highly doubt they’re going to beat the OBSF Sanwa’s unless they developed a better microswitch.

Yeah, I doubt that…

The Hayabusa is the interesting X-factor here. I read better response than the JLF but mixed with regards to the LS-32. There are people who still prefer the LS-32. What I see about the “space age” design of the Hayabusa frankly sounds like a bunch of ad agency product hyping… Obviously, people are going to have different reactions to the part’s performance and some will choose to stay with what they’re already using.

There are differences of opinion and not everybody that’s an experienced gamer has given the Hayabusa 10/10 but it’s harder to find the more critical reviews of the FE now(?). I couldn’t find ShinJN’s pre-release reviews… I was getting Database errors for the LevelUp website.


Awesome, I was wondering when this would come about. Hopefully the community here comes out with mods, and hopefully they start releasing these in all kinds of flavors.


Yo thats sick! I need to get my hands on one.


Stick is $29. I don’t mind the extra $5 considering it is a brand new stick on the market that hasn’t had mass penetration yet. Buttons are $20 for a set of 8, which is $2.50 a button which is fair for opaque buttons with a new switch that isn’t mass produced for… mass… penetration. Dirty.

I believe the ad hype about the V cam housing design. Less contact points means less friction and less physical contact equals faster action.

If the spring and shaft are JLF compatible then we have a ton of mods out the gate already. If not, we’ll make some.

Not yet, but wait until I get my hands on it. I’m going to mod the fuck out of it, lol.


I can’t wait to swap out my OG Xbox 360 Fighting Edge parts (colored ones) for all the same colored buttons! lol.


The new white fighting edge with the same colored buttons and a matching balltop would be tight


Do sanwa balltops fit on these sticks, ye?


^yep, i’ve seen some customs posted on here with different balltops. Plus, every JP stick I’ve seen can fit a Sanwa balltop (generic hori, seimitsu, etc.)


Excellent news! One of the reasons why I skipped the Fighting Edge.

Now that they will sell parts I will buy one now.


This is a smart move on their part. Apparently these things are fairly solid and work well for in-house parts, so giving them a chance to be sold separately will move a lot more units than the FE can.


Thanks again for letting us know Hustle Kong. I just ordered the fighting edge can’t wait to try it out.

I was waiting for the VS stick to become available but with this news I went with the fighting edge instead.



I’d love to bump into the Hori rep I met recently who said “selling these buttons and joysticks would be a financial disaster for this company”.

Definitely good news.


I would not hold it against him as the rep is just repeating what he is told to say. And for all we know the Hori Rep at Tech talk may not all be 1 person.