HORI Turbo Switches!


I know this not the trading outlet forum but I guess I’m too new and it wont let me post but my stupid butt decided to paint my HRAP 2 SA (blue) switches black to change the color of the stick, well i ended up changing my mind and decided to change them back to blue well I use paint remover it was turning out OK but then as I was washing them in the sink the cup I was washing them in turned over and I lost 7 of them down the drain ugh!! I have contacted Hori and they wont help at all saying I should not have been messing with the switches and the SA stick is for costumers of Japan only. I know people mod HARP all the time and remove the Turbo panel and so I as wondering if anyone was willing to sell me their Turbo switches they can be blue,black green whatever I don’t care what color But I do think the Wii hori stick seems to also have the same color not sure if same type of switch PLEASE SOME ONE HELP A BROTHA OUT
Thanks for your time!


I’ve had a lot of controllers with turbo in my days, and I can’t think of one single time it was actually useful. What do you need it for? :wgrin:

Oh, and this should probably be in Tech Talk btw.




you don’t need that shit anyway


you are if you’re playing hyper fighting honda


Yea I agree the turbo switches are useless but I just want them to fill the spot so i don’t have to look at the PCB underneath and I do not want to mod a SA stick I like the way looks as it is


Your right they are worthless but it looks like crap with nothing there in its place and I don’t want to mod the stick to get rid of the little square box with a new plexi or something my luck I will spill something on it seep down right where the turbo switches were and the PCB will go kaput!!