Hori UMVC3 Arcade Stick art questions


Is it possible to swap the art out? I can’t find anyone selling plexi for it, unless it’s some generic size i’m not aware of? Also, is there a template of it somewhere? Couldn’t find it in the art thread.


The HRAP plexi should fit. You can find template and purchase them here http://www.tek-innovations.com


Which Hrap plexy? There are several.


yea art was the first place i checked, and like i said i didn’t see anything labeled for the umvc3 stick :x


If you have the same stick as my friend does then this should be it http://www.tek-innovations.com/arthobbies/?loc=products&cat=16


Pretty sure it’s not the Kai. The stick on that one is further apart from the buttons and the turbo switches are different on that model as well. The UMVC3 stick seems to be the HRAP VX.


And that it definitely is.

The Hori UMvC3 stick is a branded Hori Real Arcade Pro VX/V3 (not Kai). Anything that’ll work for the regular HRAP VX/V3 will work for the UMvC3 stick.


The VX one is on top, the Kai is on the bottom.


It’s a plain old VX/V3. This came out late 2010. IIRC, the Kai came out later.


thank you guys, my girlfriend will appreciate it she hates the art on her stick :3