Hori USA taking pre-orders on new joysticks


Just got an e-mail in from Hori USA.

They are taking pre-orders on new joystick releases for fall.

These were already announced for Japan, but ARE official US releases now.

These include Dead or Alive 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Linden-layout joysticks. They’re identical hardware-wise to the Hori Soul Calibur V joystick but have different art and different colored buttons.

The announced US-edition HRAP V3 SA Kai and HRAP VX SA Kai are already in-stock.

… Still no SE releases for the US…
These are all SA models.

At least we’re not dealing with crappy-quality Hori parts anymore Thank you Mad Catz for pushing them towards all-arcade quality for the revamped HRAP lines!


I want vlx Diamond :frowning:


Crappy Hori parts? Why does everyone say that. From what I’ve seen of Hori stock buttons, they’re pretty much Seimitsu clones. Identical barrel and plungers, and they even use the same switches, which have the same tension.


^I share your sentiment, but i honestly find seimitsu/sanwa’s plastic to be “better” than what hori uses, I guess thats where you can feel the main difference.


The stock Hori buttons I have feel exactly the same to me, and seem to be made from the same exact plastic. They even make the same exact sound as Sanwa when slapped. I think people are mostly dick riding here.


You have no sense of touch, or your buttons are Sanwa because Hori stock buttons prior to the FE joystick were just bad.

UNTIL the Fighting Edge was released, the Hori buttons were just god-awful.
They have a reputation for “feeling like hitting bricks” and for failing early. Their microswitches wear out quickly.

Sanwas are definitely far more sensitive and less punishing to your fingers. Even the Seimitsu buttons I don’t particularly care for (PS-14-G line, unmodded PS-15) are less destructive to your fingers.

The Hori buttons – whether soldered-in as in the American T5 joystick or quick disconnect like the HRAP 3’s – were just not tourney-level, long-lived buttons.


We may not get the VLX Diamond but I would think that Hori would continue with some sort of new variant of the Premium VLX series at some point…


The TTT2 uses Noir layout and DOA5 uses Lindbergh.




You’re insane. I’ve taken apart the microswitches and they’re exactly the same as the Seimitsu switches used in the PS-14-D line of buttons. They are the same switch, they even have the same markings. The switches used in OBSF only difference is the housing and the spring has less tension, which makes them mushy and slower to snap back to neutral.

The plastic is ABS, exactly the same as both Sanwa and Seimitsu. Seimitsu buttons have the exact same tension. I’ve also played on a variety of buttons. Yenox (awful, cheap plastic) iL (very high quality nylon plastic) Sanwa (nice plastic) Seimitsu (nice plastic) and the stock Hori buttons that come with the HRAP3, and the plastic is pretty close to the same quality as the Sanwa and Seimitsu buttons.

I know what the plastics feel like on my fingertips and I know the differences between the switches. I have several different switches on my desk, Zippy (20gf) Cherry (75gf) Omron (160gf, 100gf) and Matsushita (160gf, 180gf) and I most certainly know the differences in both loudness and tension. I’ll soon have the switches used in PS-14-G buttons as well.

If longevity is your concern, then you shouldn’t be playing on Sanwa style microswitches. You should be investing in the OBS-M-1 or RG switches or getting a set of HBSF buttons. And if it feels like hitting bricks as you play on Seimitsu/Hori buttons since they use the same exact switch and that’s where all the tension comes from, then maybe you should go out and get some exercise, because that’s pussy ass shit if your fingers can’t handle it.


This is completely false. The HRAPs during their time were one of the most popular and reliable sticks around before the Madcatz TE craze and everything needed to be Sanwa or else it wasn’t playable. Many top players used stock HRAP3’s for a pretty lengthy period and still use them.

It seems as though every Hori thread there is you manage to try to bash them over some asinine or outright false detail.

edit: Sanwa’s are hardly long lived buttons either, for a serious tournament goer they have a lifespan of several months.


It is true.
I’ve been lately seeing TKC Microswitch in stock HORI Buttons.

But HORI has used Tokai Communication before.
Back in the SNES and PSX days.


Man, you’re a nasty piece of work!

You do realize we’re talking about opinions, right? You’re getting into a tizzy over F’ing buttons! Get your priorities straight, man! Are you 10?

But seriously, most people DO NOT like the Hori buttons and I don’t know what fantasy you’re living in where the Hori buttons are the preferred standard. Not a lot of people ask to buy standard Hori buttons. Which buttons do you think are selling the most online?

Maybe you’re getting confused and mistaking the Fighting Edge buttons for what was used in the HRAP 3’s. After review after review by different people – that means a lot of other people --, the general consensus was that the HRAP Hori buttons weren’t very good. Why do think people were swapping out the buttons in the HRAP 3’s almost as soon as they got them? Why do you think people asked time after time whether the licensed HRAP’s had quick disconnects or not? Why do you think Hori made such a big deal about the Fighting Edge buttons being “brand new” and “not like” the old Hori buttons people were used to??? You think they did that because the older Hori buttons had such a great reputation?

The plastic thickness and button shape make as much difference to the feel as the microswitch. The microswitch used in one button series doesn’t necessarily feel the same in another button series. I sure didn’t think those PS-14-D microswitches in my 24mm Seimitsu screw-in’s felt the same as they did in the PS-15. Or the PS-14-P’s for that matter.

P.S. – Considering how you slandered me – and frankly you don’t know me in person but I already know I DON’T like you after one post --, you have issues man. I don’t know who you are but if you flip out over stuff like this, you need serious help!

I’ve never gone out of my way to bash EITHER Mad Catz or Hori. Both companies make mistakes in production but the general product from both is excellent. Hori’s quality edge over Mad Catz has slipped, though, because frankly the HRAP V3/VX isn’t as versatile and easy-to-mod as the older case series HRAP. It doesn’t help that it has possibly the worst cable door, too. There have been more problems popping up in general lately and the QA doesn’t seem to be as good as it was in the past – OR more people are buying the product and reporting problems. However, their new cases this past year are great. I’ve raved about those as much as I did the Mad Catz FightStick VS.

You’ve obviously never read a lot of my posts and are very ignorant about my past posts. It’s one thing to call me on an honest mistake it’s another to attack me or anyone else because you don’t like an OPINION. THAT’S assinine!


Way to flip out, bro.


It is true.
What is up with HORI plastic and bad quality USB?


I think they did that because they felt they could make a better button than Sanwa / Seimitsu, and at lower cost to themselves.

Also, can’t see where FunkyP slandered you but man did you fly off the handle.