Hori used in mvc2?

i’ve been wonderin’ to get a hori but how is a hori in marvel response wise?

i havent seen anybody using a hori in mvc2.

sorry if its a dumb question, just curious because i’m thinking of getting a hori.

Haha I asked a question similar to this and got yelled at for it :looney:

So I’ll extend the courtesy that someone extended to me in my thread, and tell you what I know…

Though I’m not sure if anyone who plays competitively actually uses a ‘hori’ brand stick (meaning the actual joystick part of the stick was made by hori), ShadyK does use a Sanwa JLF on a Hori Real Arcade Pro I think. (Search Shadyk Darkprince Money Match on youtube).

I don’t think the question is really about responsiveness; most sticks should be responsive enough. It’s just that mvc2 tends to be a harder on the stick durability wise.

I use hori in mvc1

well I was thinking of getting a hori then making it 8 way with a bat top, so it would be americanized for me. lol

i’m just wonderin’ if it’s as responsive as people say then why dont people use it in mvc2?

btw thanks for answering guys.

I think it’s because they’ll break and crap up faster than an optical stick would with marvel type abuse.

I actually prefer using my HRAP2 when playing MvC2, but since I can only find competition on Happ machines, I play on my Happ sticks. But yea…it’s all preference. Do what feels best to you.

I read that the bat top doesn’t feel “right” with the JLF. It’s apparently designed for the JLW thats why it comes stock with it on the JLW. I guess the JLW and the JLF have different shaft lengths. I have a bat top so I’ll try it on and reply on this thread what my concerns were for it, just give me a couple of days.

cmon now