HORI V3 - 6 button stick


anyone got any idea when these 6 button sticks are being released in the UK/US ??

also does any one know the dimensions or weight, comapred to a TE?

i dont wanna do six axis wireless mods on my 2 virtua stick high grades, theyre so beautiful

would prefer to wait if these are just around the corner. i dont really game much on the ps3, and i have 2 TE sticks (pcbs swapped for two PSOne dualhocks) that I use on my main gaming machine, the PS2 & xbox1 (for mame)

if anyone has got 1 imported, do you mind posting up pics against one of your TE sticks??

there was an old thread about this, but its gone missing, i remember someone done a mod on the whit xbox version with pictures

Thread didn’t go anywhere, it is on Third Page of Tech Talk.

And is coming out July end of for US.

Well, now the Thread is the First Thread on First Page.