Hori V3SA with RGs, gaming swag, Call of Duty Black Ops

Whats up guys. Need some cash for a part of my car! My loss is your gain! All prices include shipping and going to ship either USPS priority or FedEx. All will have tracking number and insurance due to some mishaps that have happened in the past. From my feedback I always take care of my customers and always communicate with them from shipping to when they finally get it. I only accept paypal. PLz PLZ PLZ no outrageous offers. Thanks!!!

sorry to use your pic STI but didnt want to take out the stick from the box lol selling Black V3SA
V3SA (used very lightly)
modified with :
Black Sanwa MESHBALL
6x Heavy Duty Sanwa Red OBSF-30-RG ($6 a button!)
2x Sanwa Black OBSF-30
Was Protoman STIs, I never used the stick, went straight to my collection. This stick is so so pretty and am sad to let it go but desperate to have transportation lol

Official Call of Duty Shirt size large - $15.00
Official Call of Duty poster - $10.00
Official Call of Duty Promo Box - $10.00
take all the promo items for $30.00
I work for Best Buy so I get a lot of gaming swag

Official Killzone 3 size XL shirt - $10.00
Official Killzone bag and lanyard - $10.00
take all Killzone items for $15.00
Official Splatterhouse shirt size XL - $15.00

soldering iron $10.00- SOLD

Official Oakley Dart and Case $95.00 (these glasses are regular priced $225.00 sad to see them go :frowning:

Call of Duty Black Ops for xbox 360 (won the prestige edition from a work raffle, selling only game disk and manual!!) $40.00-SOLD

I am also looking for a UNOPENED never used (obviously) PS3 Tournament Edition Type S stick. Pm your price

Price drops

pm sent

personal msg sent

price drops

final price drops b4 ebay

None of the shirts are my size >__< !

Did the Hori V3 SA ever go on eBay?