Hori V4 (ps3/ps4) dual mod


I’m looking to dual mod my hori v4 for ps3/ps4 to work on xbox one.
Has this been achieved by anyone here? I apologize in advance if this question has been asked before but i can’t seem to find an answer.


I tried modding one today with the MKX 360/Xbox One PCB. It seems like the signals go off automatically on the 360/One side. If anyone can confirm the same issue, please update.


You have to attach a diode to each signal on the Hori if you dual mod it. If you dont, when the Hori gets power but does not detect a system it goes from operating on high voltage to low, essentially grounding all the signals on the other pcb in your dual mod.


Here you go, do this for all button/directional signals as well as the following:
Home - small white
Switch - green
Share - purple




I recognize that pic. Thanks for modding my stick Vicko, works well on both.


Ha, hey Don! Good to hear!


That’s crazy. I have a Hori Real Arcade Pro. V4 M/N PS4-005(U/E) that I quaded and I didn’t need to do any of that. I wonder why Hori changed the PCB so much for this method to be required?