Hori Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Arcade Stick



Looks like Hori is putting out a new licensed stick. This time it’s for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. Looks clean as hell! Hope it some how comes to the Hori USA store.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Real Arcade Pro. V3 SA

Goddam you beat me to it!

Additional details. Will only be sold through Horistore.com (so far).

Parts are all Sanwa-Denshi, and it’s PS3 only.


Sticks & fighting games GALORE!! :eek:
Let’s hope for a US release! :smiley:


I want to get this, and then stick some Astro city art on it.


Lol you snooze you lose d3v.

Also, hell yeah I want this thing soooo bad. I’ve been contemplating getting into the V series lately and BAM Virtua Fighter 5 FS theme!

Where are you HORI USA?!?



Well okay, I can forgive them for using the Astro layout. Here I was thinking of making my best VSHG impression with a HRAPV3-SA.


what’s there to forgive?
it is the superior layout


You beat me only because I did the front page post first, before making the thread. Speaking of which, why you take forever to approve keits/ian.


screw that VF5 FS stick, what’s up with this stick!



Interesting. Someone get some concrete details on this.


In VOLTECH We Trust! :wink:


holy shit i just popped a boner

edit: just read it uses OEM hori parts, kinda softened a bit…


i think they’ve been doing this for most of their recent prototypes, much like the sc5 stick.


I am disappointed that it’s just a modified RAP instead of a reissuing the VSHG.


Does Sega even make game controllers any more?

Anyway, the Astro City layout is more comfortable on my fingers, so if my modded HRAP2 ever goes out, I’ll have to keep an eye out for this.

ETA: Apparently this isn’t the only stick Hori’s working on, and this one’s for PS3 and 360. Should the Fighting Edge get its own thread?


this is a little bit confusing
now there is 3 astro city panel layout
what is the difference between noir, the astro on the hrap sticks and this
why is there 3 different ones
and which is the one generally preferred by you guys


Yes it should.


The Noir layout, the buttons are farther away from the joystick. The Hrap has the same layout as the Virtua fighter V3 stick. I would go with whatever arcade stick LOOKS better to you since the astro layout and noir layout are very similar. I prefer the badass oversized look of the Hrap 3 sa


There is no three.
At least in what you are talking about.
There is difference between Sanwa Astro City and Seimitsu Astro City though.

Sega Astro City is Sega Astro City.
Sega Lindbergh is Sega Lindbergh.
Namco Noir is Namco Noir.

Joystick of Sega Astro City is in middle of first top and bottom button.
Joystick of Sega Lindbergh is moved up towards the first top button.
Joystick of Namco Noir is in middle of first top and bottom button, but moved farther left.


thx jdm714

let me see if i understood correctly

only difference is in the places meant of the joystick
hori real arcade pro´s and fighting stick ex2 use the astro city layout and thereby not this one(Lindbergh)

is the lindbergh used in other fighting games besides VF
and i presume the joystick is moved up towards the first top button because the player places his middle finger on the first top button and his pointing finger on the first bottom button

if one is to place ones hands like in the arcades on other layouts would that be uncomftible