Hori VLX MC Cthulhu/PS360 MOD RJ45

Hello thought I would post some pics of the mod I just finished. It is a Hori VLX MC Cthulhu/PS360 MOD with RJ45 I’d like to thank rtdzign and bomberman for their diagrams. I thought it would be a fun project…
I never altered my stick at all, and did no soldering to any original parts, I took the harness and all wiring out except for the guide button wire which I just wrapped underneath the panel. I tested it and it is working with my 360,PS3,PC,Wii(Gamecube plug),SNES,and PS2 (Thanks HAN). All of the wires for the systems can fit inside the case as well. I connected the PCB with the buttons using a molex connector.
Why Molex? Because I like it and it is easy to work with for me. Its old school arcade style. Plus I will later make a custom molex harness from my Jamma board and put it inside my stick to play some SF2ST…Enjoy!

If anyone is thinking about doing a mod like this the first thing I would do is learn how to test continuity using a multi meter and test test test! You can never test too much. Oh and you may notice that some if my wire is black and red, thats because I had a mishap with red wire and black paint…

Why a PS360? Why not just use the 360 board inside the VLX?

The PS360 is almost completely solder-less hack.
From what I can tell UKK is leaving the PS360 in 360 mode and let the Cthulhu do all the other systems.

Ether way nice work UKK. You wiring looks especially good.

Thank you Darksakul what you said is exactly what I did. I think the PCB for a 360 controller is large and I wanted a neater looking appearance and did not want to solder to an Xbox controller, as I have had bad experiences in the past. I also did not want to touch the original pcb in case something went wrong and I had to throw the original one back in.

Wow nice mod I really like the design of these sticks :slight_smile:

I’m most interested in that QD plug ie molex connector you got there. What is it and where can I get some? I’ve been wanting to do something like that for my owns sticks and now that my new model is made to swap top panels this would be perfect.