Hori vlx mod for PS5


I’m using the HORI Real Arcade Pro 4 Premium VLX with the brooks UFB and the jasens EZ mod.

I would like to know if my stick can be upgraded to be compatible with the PS5 as it is at the


The J2 waffer connector is already used by the EZ mod. Is there a Y connector that could be used to connect both the ps5 mod and the ez mod at the sime time.

The only solution I see is giving up on the EZ mod and connecting the buttons directly to the UFB.

What do you think ?

I added some pictures of my setup.

Thank you

I got my answer there if anyone wonder the same.

It apply to various other stick.

Apparently the j2 connection between the ezmod and the ufb is not needed. It can be disconnected.

So it solve my problem for connecting the ps5 upgrade board.

Thank you.