HORI VLX out of production?


Is Hori making any more VLX’s? I can’t seem to find them anywhere. Hori’s website is out. Amazon is out. Does anyone have any more info?


I believe they were a limited production thing.


Agreed, I’m just sure that the supply we saw from Amazon and everywhere else were the only HUGE batch North America got…then again, since I have one already, I don’t really check up on those.


The only HRAPs still in production are the VX/V3 ones

VLX was a limited thing and Hori seems to have phased out the prior form factor.


gamestop.com might have them. they were carrying them for awhile
Search | GameStop


They’re still available – in Japan… Game shops still have them and you can still order them from Hori Store.jp IF you’re located in Japan. Mark-ups are beginning to happen for the VLX at online auction houses and some game vendors overseas.
Hori Store Japan still had this item available this past weekend when I looked…

I never thought this joystick was going to be an unlimited run… At more than double the cost of a regular joystick with a form factor too big for many (like myself), it was going to have a limited audience.

It’s just like the HRAP SA’s. They make a certain amount of those and then stop. Of course, it’s easier to get an HRAP SA in Japan than it is the US. You really have to pounce on the HRAP SA and HRAP SE sticks while they’re available in the States. (Note that so far only the XBox 360 has seen US releases of HRAP SE joysticks.) There are people who still have this idea that it’s going to be easy to get these joysticks a year AFTER they were officially released in the US!

Hori just doesn’t have the presence that Mad Catz has in the US and seems to have lower runs of most of their joystick lines.


I was going to say to check out arcade shock; as i bought a hori ex-se last week and a hori ex-sa last month and both times the vlx was in stock. However, I just check their website and they are out of stock now. Gamestop is back-ordered so good luck there. Amazon has the PS3version in stock (have no clue what it would take to mod to 360 though as have no experience with this.)


Toodles is working on solution for the 360/PS3 dual mod situation for the VLX.

Check under his thread for Kitty boards. His add-on board is supposed to enable 360 joysticks to work with FULL features on a PS3! At least that’s what’s planned for the TE’s and VLX joysticks made for the XBox 360.


That’s the problem. I’m looking for a 360 VLX (even though I don’t own a 360) so I can multi-console the VLX easily. There are still a few PS3 VLX’s out in the wild but I don’t know if TOODLES will do a KITTY PCB for the PS3 VLX. I may just pick up one of the few remaining PS3 VLX’s in hopes that there is an easier multi-console solution in the future.


I could make a board for the ps3 version, sure, but it still wouldn’t have 360 support. Same situation with ps3 TE’s; I just dont think there’s enough demand to make it worthwhile to make them for the dozen people who want them.


I really believe that they only made one large production run and that is it. At $300 a pop it would be quite risky to make more of these and end up not selling the inventory.


I just sold mine a few weeks ago. Though I am curious as to how rare they will be down the road.


Well there goes all my hope in a nutshell lol. I wanted to get one of these sticks later this year. I’m more or less going to have to end up either paying for a overpriced VLX or pay some ridiculous shipping cost from japan. Either way, I’ll be spending about the same. My guess is that they will go as high as 500-600 bucks


Canada still has them in stock. $340 after provincial taxes but atleast there’s the super fast free shipping :smiley:


Anyway Taito panels would be available for a long time. So anyone can build VLX-like custom


i really want one…
but i’m broooke

fuckit i’ll just go with my original plans and make a custom clone


Just do as I did, buy a ripped put CP a decade from it’s release :smiley:

I’m still suspicious that the Hori VLX isn’t true width to the arcade CP/cab, from my understanding, shouldn’t the VLX be like the Sega Saturn Virtual Stick Pro and be able to fit the CP(s) from the arcade cabs with little modification?


Well, I just caved in and bought a PS3 VLX off amazon. I got it for $270 with there current promotion. You have to sign up for the amazon store credit card. They take $30 off the total and give you 6 months to pay on it interest free. Once it is paid, I will cancel my amazon card. That is the FINAL stick I will ever buy. I now have 2 VLX’s, 2 VSHG’s, 2 Madcatz TE’s and 1 custom finkle. I will be selling the TE’s and finkle really soon in the trading outlet. Thanks for scaring me into buying this guys!!!


I just heard. They are going to do another run, and at 2/3 the price, already dual modded, with Toodles Spark, and they convinced sanwa to put back into production OBSC-RGs.

I lied.


I am almost glad that i cannot get one of these… it was hard enough for me to justify buying a second ex-se (cause i wanted to try out semietsu), after buying a hori ex and modding to all sanwa, by telling my wife that I was getting it so me and my four year old daughter could play mvc3 (she loves ameratsu bty.) I have been eying the vlx as it just looks so sweet and internet shopping just makes it too easy for that impulse buy.