Hori vs eightarc


I have the hori vx sa kai. I love this stick, but when others compare it to the eightarc fusion synthesis, they say my stick is bad. The vx sa kai surely doesn’t look better, but is at least better in quality?


Who give a care what others say. This is what I have to say about those others and there opinions.

**Opinions are like ass holes, everyone got one and they all stink. **

I will tell you the Eightarc sucks and the Hori VX SA Kai is better. Who cares?

Truth is they all have the same authentic Sanwa parts, so the buttons and joystick lever is all the same.
They all got funny looking injection molded plastic cases (thats personal aesthetics not to be confused with quality), only place they can be different really is the damn PCB inside.
The Hori VX SA Kai is every bit as high quality as any other premium arcade stick. At Least Hori and Mad Catz are legit products, Qanba/Eightarc is very grey market, grey market is their legality is questionable as its in a grey area.

Next time, forget the crap opinions others spout, does your stick work for you. Then be happy in your purchase and tell those others with Grey Market products to play in traffic.


Buyer beware –

many of the so-called grey market PCB’s (most basically copies of the Paewang joystick PCB that itself has been sold separately) that incorporate the 360-compatibility have developed issues… For whatever reasons, the 360 PCB’s in general seem to have more issues than the PS3 PCB’s – go figure!

I have read about failures of Qanba PCB’s a number of times on the forum. It may be a production quality issue – unlicensed product doesn’t have to be the most reliable for obvious reasons.

People go with third-market hardware because it’s simpler to install than first-market gear that doesn’t cross over into the grey area of legality so much… IE, they don’t like to do dual mods that involve soldering and two or more PCB’s. That’s one of the big issues here – people don’t want to do extra work.

That attitude can and does often come back to bite them you-know-where at the worst possible times.


IMO Hori sticks are crap, even their so called premium sticks have stupid faults.

But at the end of the day you are the person using the stick. If your execution when using it feels natural then there’s no point in listening to anyone else.


Like what?


I have a hori, mcz, and eightarc stick. ANd honestly I didnt feel much of a difference. Recently I put my Hori away and I’m using the EA since it’s lighter and I let my bro borrow the mcz one. All in all it’s the same shiz. Just aesthetic differences (and pcb on the EA since it’s dual modded).


Amongst other things:

USB cable
Cable bay door
Shell construction


I recall that we have a longstanding “no versus threads” rule here on SRK. So y’all better get your finals words in before I lock this.


Honestly the thread should of been over when I pointed out to the OP his stick is fine and stop sweating other people’s crap opinions.

All **Premium **sticks have authentic arcade parts, usually Sanwa, Seimitsu, and to lesser extent Korean or American parts.
It is all a Coca-Cola vs Pepsi argument. No one cares what brand Soda you drink, those who do are douche bags.
The SAME applies to arcade sticks, everyone got a personal preference, find the stick that matches with your comfort zone and personal taste.

Yes I made a counter argument to Qanba/Eight Arc

  1. I only pointed out facts and not opinions (I stated nothing about Qanba/Eightarc quality, just the grey market status)
  2. To make the point to the OP. Just be happy with the stick that works for you.
  3. Opinions are like ass holes, everyone got one and they all stink.

Gahrling I can say the same statement for Mad Catz, Qanba and about **EVERY **other brand, make and model out there.
Stop going on like your choices are superior. Because in the end of the day EVERYONE IS WRONG, ANYWAYS.

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