Hori VX Arcade stick layout

Hey what’s up guys I’ve just purchased a Hori VX arcade stick and was wondering if anyone could help me out with button layouts? As all of you may know the ultra buttons are in the top left hand corner and find it difficult to land ultras? This is probably due to getting used to the stick itself but thought id discuss about the whole layout itself.

Probably best to post in here rather than make a new thread. Definitely not in Fighting game discussion.

If you’re talking about this stick:


Man up and use 3 fingers to hit the 3 punch or 3 kicks at the same time.


Wow couldn’t sound more of a douche if you tried, lol so macho over a game pft.

You’ve got to understand if you’re gonna use a stick, and a stick with only 6 face buttons, its prolly better to take the advice, the delivery of advice meh, maybe laugh it off.

as for the layout, it looks like a 6 button vewlix style, but I could be wrong, try looking here and see what matches it.


Yep. If you wanted an 8-button stick to have your 3P and 3K buttons on the face, a 6-button stick like the Hori FSVX wouldn’t cut it.

On a side note, there’s an ENTIRE thread dedicated to this stick, you should probably address your questions or concerns there instead.

People should accept criticism like an adult, especially when they are asking for Help.


6 button layout is standard for SF.

There is no such thing as an ultra button. What you perceive as the ultra button is an in-game macro that binds three buttons together. They do this because it’s hard to hit 3 buttons simultaneously on pad. It’s not hard to do on stick.

I don’t know why the original response said “man up” as if hitting buttons were a test of manhood or particularly difficult. But you should definitely get used to hitting 3 punches or kicks at the same time.

Because most gamers today are spoiled entitled brats, who have everything provided to them on a silver platter and instant gratification is still not fast enough for them.

That’s all I was looking for, thank you for the positive response. Really don’t know what people get out of being a douche giving criticism about an arcade stick layout, it’s my first stick since playing in the arcade years ago.

Hardly a brat you judgemental meat headed shit sack, just needed a decent response, didn’t have to be a douche about it.

Na, you decide to be the douche with your belly aching on post 1.
I am just being bluntly honest (I call it as I see it).

(at the time of writing) If you notice yesterday your one post got 7 WTF flags in only 23 hours.
You best look in a mirror before you accuse anyone of anything.

Time to wipe this thread off the face of the Earth. Glass this mf.