Hori VX not properly registering down input


I’ve had my Hori VX for about a year now and, despite not being the best stick, its served me well in learning. I ordered a new madcatz stick during evo, but just recently my Hori stopped properly registering the down input.

I took it apart and attempted to clean it, but it hasn’t fixed the issue.

Holding down works sometimes, but it usually enters as a double input, causing it to be impossible to crouch properly and do certain motions. Any advice on how to fix this? I also own a Hori fight stick for Wii. Is it possible to swap the sticks between the two?

Apologies is this is the wrong section if the forum for this question.


“Hori VX” doesn’t give us enough info.

Hori makes the Hori Real Arcade Pro VX, Hori Fighting Stick VX, among others, that use the “VX” suffix, which basically signifies “the Xbox 360 version”. Of which stick?..


VX applies to both the HRAP.VX and Fighting Stick VX. So which one is it?


might be a Hori Fighting Stick VX as he stated “not the best stick”


Maybe cleaning the single “down” microswitch will help (this MUST help)… if not you might have a faulty pcb (not very common?)