Hori VX Question

I’ve had my Madcatz SE, and it’s time for a upgrade. It’s between the Hori VX and Hori HRAP VX - SA.
How much better in terms of quality is the HRAP VX SA is over the VX? I know the HRAP VX - SA is considered higher quality model. I just want to know if it’s worth it to put in the extra cash.

  • Justin

Based on what criteria?
The HRAP VX has all Sanwa parts. The FS VX has all Hori parts, but is super easy to add Sanwa/Seimitsu parts in its place (well, Seimitsu buttons. I dont know about Seimitsu sticks in teh FS VX)
HRAP VX is a bigger, solid stick with a cord compartment. FS VX is a smaller, lighter stick, no cord compartment.
HRAP VX has 8 buttons and start just to the right of the buttons. FS VX has six button and start is up top next to Guide.

HRAP is an out-of-the-box better stick for durability and build quality. FS VX is is lighter and is, to me at least, the second coming of the Namco stick.

…Namco stick being darn good according to people who worship the Namco’s.

I’m not one of them, BUT it is a large group of people…

…Otherwise, stick to the HRAP line. The HRAP VX SA is the best Hori joystick for the 360 right now.

Thanks guys, I was just basing it on what would be good for a tournament stick. I’ll try and go for the SA then, thanks again!

The VX SA is a great choice and my personal favorite. I really just like the slim slick look of it, dont get me wrong tho the VX is a great looking stick too and will be added to my collection soon. :wink:

I just need one up to tournament level, I plan on competing soon for marvel =)