HORI VX-SA (360) US Release?

Anyone know if this is ever coming westward? I hate to buy one for $200+ if I don’t need to. Also, I noticed that Amazon JP says more are coming in July.

they have them in some us stores some one on here brought it from a store in cali still ended up to be about 200 anyway he told me i like the feel of these way better then the te imo i was gonna buy that 1 but ill just put a 360 or a ps1 pcb in my ps3 version seeing i have every converter lol gl on ur find

I don’t see why it wouldn’t eventually. Remember how we used to import the hrap 2 for 200+ only two years ago.

FWIW, I emailed Hori USA about 1-month ago…They told me NO SOUP FO U on the PS3 version (V3-SA) but also told me yes on the Premium VLX. I’m gonna assume since they’re not releasing (at least anytime soon) the V3-SA, it’s the same for the VX-SA. BTW, I love the V3-SA!!! As much as I liked the TE (had r1, r2, MvC & TE “S”). I prefer the V3-SA due to the slope.

Here’s that place in L.A. that MIGHT have it:


I just grabbed one from ebay for $145 shipped. Not bad!

I believe these were shown at E3 complete with an MSRP for when they come to the US later this year.

Didn’t know they were coming. From the price on Hori’s JP site, it looks like they would be about $160-ish if they did come. Any idea if that’s the case?

If I wanted something tried and true, I would have bought it from play-asia for $99 like mdsfx(I’m assuming that’s where his came from) with $45 shipping but seems like it’s been out of stock for a while.
Looking at the VX in white, it looks like the Hori FS EX2 stick which looks cheaper rather than in black.

Unofficial releases are usually rip offs, look at Toronto, there are no official releases for any arcade sticks to local game shops hike up prices.

There’s was a pic in the V3-SA thread. I believe it was less than $150.

Well if they’re bringing over the V3 SA http://www.collider.com/wp-content/uploads/E3-2010-image-34.jpg (top center)I figure they’ll bring over the VX SA. There’s still more 360’s in the US then PS3’s if I remember correctly.

This is coming to the US. $129.99 I believe.

^ That is an AWESOME price

Whoa I want one=)

Are you absolutely sure Markman? I’m dying to get both versions of this stick. The V3 SA for the PS3 and this one for 360 to go with my TE’s so I have two sticks on both set ups.

There are a few kicking around online, but they are asking upward of 190-200 not including shipping. So as desperate as I am to get my hands on one right now, paying 250ish for one is just not an option. Especially when the VLX is just another 60-70 bucks for superior quality.

If you have any inside baseball I would love to here it and save some money =p

I’m pretty sure that price Markman mentioned was shown at E3. I think it said a September release.