Hori VX-SA or Madcatz TE-S?


i need your opinion on this guys. i already own a Madcatz TE R1 and i’m planning on buying a new stick. i don’t know which one to choose, Hori VX-SA or TE-S.

Tnx Guys :slight_smile:


360 Madcatz TE. Simply due to the ease of dual modding it (Toodles TE-Kitty is extremely easy to install) and it’s the most common stick so there is a lot of documentation and people out there with experience to help you troubleshoot it or change it up if you need it.


i saw this comparison of VX-SA and the TE in youtube, it says that the TE has some input lag. does the TE-S have that?


The TE-S does not have input lag and neither does the earlier TE’s to my knowledge. Do not believe everything you read on the internet/watch on YT :slight_smile:

What YT video was it btw?


The Hori as the TE-S have been discontinued and you’re not easily gonna find one new


this is the comparison video that i found:

How bout in terms of quality and performance?


Out of the 4 sticks I’ve owned (v3sa, te, te-s, hori scv) the v3sa is my hands down fav due to the width, angled palm rest, moderate weight, and the side wings. Consequently, it’s the only one I still have. Vxsa is highly recommended.

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i also heard that Hori has better quality :]


Is that why the cable bay doors keep falling off? Why the plastic shell is so flimsy? Why they don’t use decent USB cables?

HRAP V sticks have as many positives as negatives when compared to other sticks.


I haven’t had any of the issue listed above and have owned 3 different V models. Since when is it flimsy? Feels pretty solid to me.

It’s also arguably easier to mod since you’re not cramming wiring into such a tight space like the TEs. I always hated that about them.


Take off the metal base plate and it takes no effort to flex the sides of the plastic shell because it is so thin. This limits the practical space on where to mount something like a Neutrik NE8FDP jack as excess pressure could cause the plastic to split.

Easier to mod? God no. A TE has almost limitless space (on both the bottom of the inner plastic shell and top) and also flat plastic to mount pcb’s on. To securely mount a pcb inside a HRAP V you need to either make alterations by re-modelling the shell, install a flat object to mount upon, or use glue.

In a TE you can comfortably place a ChImp, Cthulhu, Dual Strike or other such custom pcb right next to the 360 motherboard. Can you do this on a HRAP V? Nein. Space has to be hunted for and then adapted to suit your needs. Not to mention the custom made pcb’s which are designed to fit on top or underneath the 360 TE motherboard in 15 minutes. No such board exists for the HRAP V.

The suggestion that a HRAP V is easier to mod than a TE is either deluded, manipulated, or outright trolling.

If you disagree then I’d be happy to put this to a speed test with you. Upload a vid of how long it takes you to mod a HRAP VX:SA and I’ll upload one of modding a 360 TE.


Is there a reason you would permanently remove the plate? Who cares how strong it is without it?

Also, I understand your point about the boards that have been made specifically for the TE, but I was referring to space. A TE has limitless space? What kind of TEs have you owned? Every single one I’ve had has wires crammed in between the top metal plate and the middle plastic support.


Because build quality. By removing the plate you can see & feel for yourself how weak the shell is when compared to a TE. And as said - if you install something like a NE8FDP jack on the shell and use Neutrik boots, then you run the risk of cracking the shell if you accidentally apply too much force (yes, with the metal base plate on).

The space is limitless regarding installing pcb’s. If you think there is not enough space in a TE then you are modding things wrong. Just take off the base plate and have a look…

I am pleased to see you have conceded on one of your points already - on which stick is easier to mod.


Normally I would say Hori but the HRAP V series isn’t to my liking. If the Soul Edition is the exact case as the TE-S the it’s just a tad roomier than the older TE sticks because Mad Catz took out that useless chunk of plastic underneath the buttons. Modding wise, I would say Xbox TE-S since there are a number of solderless PCB kits available. In the end, I sold both my V3s and now I only have a VLX, FE, RD1 TE, TE-S SCV, VSHG and my custom metal stick.


I didn’t concede on anything. My original statement was pretty clear in that it was not all-encompassing - I was just talking about space/volume. I wasn’t referring to every possible mod you might make to a case.



It comes down to preferance i own a vx sa at the moment. I did own a regular TE back then dunno about the TE-S. I can tell you that the vx is lighter but feels a little cheap too.

Don’t get me wrong its a great stick, the thing too its the usb cable its too short (in my case) compared for the TE.

Nother thing is the palm rest u got to get used to it and the hands space feel a little short.

I do prefer the layout of the vx stick too since it look more of an vewlix (im my opinion) with the little start button on the side and the artwork too.

Hope it help!!!


^Only the artwork and the start resembles Vewlix for the V series, the TE stick itself is like a miniature version of a Vewlix control panel much like how the Hori Real Arcade Pro 3/EX is a miniature version of the Sega Astro/Blast/Net City control Panel.