Hori VX-SA problem


I’ve had this stick for like 6 months now, and it was awesome. But lately it’s having problems connecting to my 360 and pc. I’ll plug in the USB, and the ring around the Home button will glow green for a bit, and then just turn off. Then nothing happens. If I keep unplugging and replugging it, it eventually registers. But the amount of tries it takes is inconcistent.

Anyone know what to do about this? It seems like a USB cord/connection problem on the stick, but I’m not sure what to do; what would my course of action be if I opened it up?


Now it’s not registering through any port anywhere at all. So is that it? Is it done, do I have to drop 130 on another one? sigh


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUi7BOmkaUM to repair USB cable, but, if you can find a local modder, they can usually fix it for you.


Can’t you just return it, since it’s just about 6 months of age!? I would also place my bet on the USB cable. There are 2 possibilities: either the cable is broken, or just the contact to the PCB is loose (just resolder it + use some glue, so it’s more stable; it shouldn’t be too difficult). If you can’t solder, just ask some friend or some technician: it’s very easy to fix - so you shouldn’t have a problem to find someone. Just open up the VX-SA to make sure that it’s JUST a loose contact and nothing more.
The worst case in your situation would be a broken PCB; you would have to pick up a Xbox360 PCB (Madcatz SF4 FightPad is imo the easiest one to hack) and hack it. But that’s probably not the case.
Dropping 130 on a new one is completely out of question - that’s not gonna happen!!


thanks for the reply! after being bummed out for a bit today i decided to just get a new usb cable and attempt to switch it out. I got a new usb male to male cable, cut off one end and stripped it. also opened up my stick. The hori usb cable connects to the PCB through this white thing. I’m not tech literate so here’s a picture http://www.flickr.com/photos/64545877@N08/5871120192/

The top cable is the hori one. The bottom one is the one I stripped. I can’t remove the cables from the white thing because they’re stuck in there pretty hard… I don’t know a good method to get them out. Any help? and secondly, the hori cable has 5 ends on it. I don’t understand what the 5th one is supposed to be.

I’m hoping it’s a cable issues and not the PCB, cos I don’t wanna mess with the white jack this that’s attached to it. But I might have to if the cable solution doesn’t work. thanks for the advice! After a while I also decided that fuck no I’m not buying another stick!

Thanks for any help guys.


Cut the HORI USB separate from its JST Housing.
Then splice your new USB to the JST Housing that has the wires there already.

Do not need to connect the thick black wire.

You can remove the wires from Housing using a pin.
But what are you going to do with it after?


Thanks, but um… >.< so i decided to mess around a bit, and was able get the wires out of the housing. The little wire ends seem to be set into some additional metal things, that also look removable (i was easily able to remove one from the extra black wire) . Since I already skipped ahead I guess I should set the wires from my cable into the metal clips? I tried to put my wires in the housing without them and they don’t really stay in.


Those are Open Barrel Pins for the Housing.
You cannot reuse them again if you remove the wire.
Unless you have $300+ Crimpers like I do, you can’t do it.

People having problems with their HORI USB is very common.
So much, that I think I will sell replacements.
No one has the tools but me.

I guess you can pull the wires out of the Pins.
Then try to insert your wires in, then solder.


Fuck… so soldering are my only options? goddamn it. But, just to clarify, i CAN solder my wires to those pins, and them put them back in the housing?

if you sell those replacements, i will fucking pay for them!


You have to solder.
No other way.


If you have a USB mouse around, which you don’t need anymore, you neither have to solder nor to crimp anything. Just open it up and remove the USB cable. It uses the same plastic housing on the end (5-pin). I had bought a replacement cable for my Razer mice in the past (which was luckily never needed), which has the same 5-pin connector. That 5th wire is ground btw.
I found the same USB cord in my 5€ Logitech office USB mouse. Good luck!


Your mouse uses JST EH Connector?
JST EH is what the HORI use for the USB.

EHR-5 is the exact.


How regularly do you see these issues with the USB? I have a V3 SA and i’m weighing whether to buy a VX SA in the not too distant future.


This is actually the first time I heard for the HRAP V series.
The problem I see people have are with the HRAP 3 and HRAP EX.
The problem happens because people keep wrapping their USB around the Case.

Since the HRAP V3 and HRAP VX has a cord compartment, I was surprised to see this Thread.
Maybe HuffmanD wraps his USB.
I don’t know.


i do NOT wrap my cord. My arcade stick just sits in front of my television and sometimes I unplug the cord to plug in my other wired controllers. I think that constitutes normal use. I don’t use the cord compartment inside the stick either!

I was gonna borrow a solderer from my friend today but this solution looks awesome. I’m not gay, but I could kiss you guys! I’m gonna go tear up some mice!


Oh btw, does absolutely ANY USB mouse have a cord like that?


I don’t know.
This was first time I opened a computer mouse.

You can kiss me all you want. :blush:
Hug me too.


Yeah so there’s no easy way out for me, I guess. I found a mouse and opened it, and it did have a similar connector. It wouldn’t fit into the hori one, but i just took the wires out and put them into the housing i already emptied from the stick. I know the wires are in the right order, but it still doesn’t work. And I mean it still has literally the same problem. Does that mean it’s a pcb issue and I might just as well take that and switch it out? Maybe I should mess around with the USB connection on the pcb itself somehow?


Could you post some high resolution pictures of your PCB (both sides if possible)? I just want to see if the contacts are okay. There is also another possibility: some vendors use their own color code on USB cords… have you attached the cables in the color order of the original Hori stick, or the order they were in the connector of the mouse?


Yes, make sure the wire colors go in the same order.
My mouse USB is not the same order.
Maybe different color you have?

Since I mod a lot, I know that HRAP 3 and HRAP EX has different order in between them.