Hori VX-SA problem

i know it’s out of stock, but what’s your opinion on this one? http://www.lizardlick.com/Toodles-Cthulhu-for-Multi-Console_p_542.html

But that is not Xbox 360.
It does PC though.

works for ps3 and all other systems
doesn’t work with an xbox 360 without some basic padhacking and soldering
also will require a switch of some sort like a DPDT when you want to use the xbox 360 function of the stick

oh yeah missed the no 360 part

well what’s a good pcb, even if I have to solder?

A TE PCB would be good
However, xbox 360 TE pcbs have a notorious ability to have their triggers fail at random though

The best pcb would be a madcatz fightpad

If you want to solder:
Mad Catz SFIV FightPad
Mad Catz WWE BrawlPad

If you want more work in soldering:
Mad Catz #4716 at GameStop; have to Trigger Invert

I am using VX-SA just nearly a week and I have another problem

I bought a new Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA last week. Yesterday, during I was in training mode, a stick didnt turn smoothly. It’s like the grease is gone ?? . For example : when I push a stick to the right and release, it doesnt go back to the center and the character go to the right automaticlly ,

I had a madcatz TE , it had a same problem and 2 weeks later a stick dont work.

I dont know why this happened and how to fix it ? I thought VX-SA is one of the best Hori fightstick ?! . I cannot return it because now I am in VN and I bought a stick from US (amazon).

I saw your Post in the other Thread.

Regarding your HRAP VX SA, you need to be specific.
Saying for the Right as example is not enough.
You need to say everything else.

For your TE, is the switch set to DP?
If it is on RS, then the Directionals will not work.
If the switch is on DP, then open the TE and check the wire for Joystick.

It happened the same when I push a stick to any directions then release. A stick didnt go back to the center and the character still walking , crouching or jumping. And it cannot turn smoothly.

Normally that happens when the setting is Analog for Left Stick.
If you set your TE to be LS, then you will see same happening.
But the HRAP VX SA does not have that setting.

Are you saying the Joystick physically does not go center?
You just bought it too, so be weird to buy new Sanwa JLF.

One of these days, someone will release a multi console PCB (with 360 support) with autodetect and no soldering at a decent price that everyone will use, except for James.

oh , my VX SA didnt have any problems, the problem is because of … me. I have rheumatism so my hand and stick sometimes wet with sweat when I playing game. I have just cleaned it and it is ok now.

What about your TE?
No more problem on that?

My TE is still not working. But I dont care about it anymore. I’ ve used it since SF4 came out, now its time for it to rest . lol

is autodetect like it knows what console it’s in? meaning that it doesn’t automatically connect to a PS3 or something? it doesn’t seem like that big a deal

Automatic Detection meaning just plug in and play.
With the PS360 and Paewang, you have to hold a button to switch Consoles while connecting.

And it is kind of hard to plug in a Controller with one hand.
Usually one hand braces the console, while other hand plugs in controller.

I won’t be using that. Yuck. No solder? No cool. I’d sooner make a PCB that had to be assembled on perfboard to use.

you guys talk the same way I do about people buying pre-built computers, lol >.<

<-- plugs in controllers with one hand all the time.

anyone know where they sell a usb to jst cable that’s good in length? I pulled the wires out of the housing and cant get any wires to fit through the open barrel pins. I came across this thread too late :frowning: