Hori Wii Fighting Stick on PC?

Now I know there’s been some discussion about modifying the Wii Fighting Stick to be used on 360/PS3, due to the fact that it’s cheaper than any other arcade stick on the market, and the fact that it has turbo functionality in the form of a toggle switch for every single button.
What I was wondering is if there are any Classic Controller to USB adapters out there (since the stick is essentially a warped classic controller), so that I can use my Wii Hori Fighting Stick on PC.

I hear there are GlovePIE scripts that allow you to use classic controllers via wiimote through bluetooth on your PC, but that requires going through the trouble of purchasing one of the few USB bluetooth dongles that will pick up a Wiimote and getting ahold of said glovePIE script… If anybody has any information on that particular setup it would be greatly appreciated as well.

i also had a hori fs3 for long time for pc usage …
wasnt that bad if it wont die on you … but dont abuse it or it will break

Yeah, I’m thinking about just getting an FS3 or EX2 for PC use.
I don’t own a PS3 or a 360, but I’m kind of leaning towards the EX2 on account of the fact that I don’t know more than two people that own a PS3;
it’d at least get some use on my friends’ 360s when they’re up for some SF4.

Any nicer sticks are out of the question, because I really don’t think spending over $100 is nearly worth it unless it really is going to be a universal device. lol
Just figured I’d ask about the Wii Hori stick since I already own one.

If you can wait for a little while, you’d be better off with a second batch MadCatz SF IV SE for a PS3 than a FS3 or an EX2. It’s only $70, and should have the washer issues ironed out by then. With the easy to swap out parts, you’d have a stick that you can keep forever and do self maintenance. It should also work on the PC without a driver. There are reports of incompatibilities with some chipsets, but apparently you can resolve them with a PCI USB add on card. It works fine on my PC, and my unit also does not suffer from any loose washers.

^online they sell for $150+ since they’re sold out everywhere. lmao
I assume they’ll still be selling like crazy when the next batch comes around as well.

I use the Wii fighting stick on the PC pretty regularly because its the only stick I have (I’m a poor AND cheap bastard).

Here is the GlovePie script for it:

W = wiimote.Classic.Up
S = wiimote.Classic.Down
A = wiimote.Classic.Left
D = wiimote.Classic.Right

U = wiimote.Classic.y
I = wiimote.Classic.x
O = wiimote.Classic.L

J = wiimote.Classic.b
K = wiimote.Classic.a
L = wiimote.Classic.R

key.Five = wiimote.Classic.Plus
key.one = wiimote.Classic.Minus

I just mapped it to the buttons I use in MAME. So far I haven’t found a BlueTooth device that can’t read it (my blackberry can even pair with the Wiimote, can’t do anything, but it can pair).

I am using a Motorola Bluetooth adapter I bought off of Woot.com (bought a couple for $1.50 each + $5 S/H). I have used it on Vista Home Premium (64 bit) and XP SP3 with no additional drivers. I am using the Windows bluetooth stack but so far haven’t noticed any performance issues. However under GlovePIE I have to check off “Bluetooth Fix” under Troubleshooter to magically fix some unnamed issue.

GlovePIE is not compatible with every game out there. Some games might look at the hardware at a lower level than GlovePIE’s emulation of user input. If I have games that you are interested in I can try the Wii stick + GlovePIE out in it for you so you don’t waste money on buying stuff that won’t do what you want.

i figured you’d have to do a whole pcb swap (since my wiimote will connect but i can’t do anything with it – just figured the whole thing wasn’t very reliable) – but this is really awesome to know.

Haha that’s all good to know.
I think I’ll try my luck with a cheap bluetooth dongle. =

I’m going to mod the wii stick for 360 use. How does it feel to you, I ordered it and can’t wait to get started!

Its a smaller stick but I don’t find it to be an issue for me. You definetely want to get a new stick and buttons though. I’m doing the same thing right now, just waiting on my parts.

Since i don’t have a Wii and never used one forgive any silly questions.

So in order to use a Hori Wii FS in your PC you need:

  • The Hori Wii Fighting Stick (duh!)

  • A USB Bluetooth Dongle

  • The WiiMote so you can plug the Wii FS into the back of the WiiMote and then using the GlovePie script connect the Wii FS using the Bluetooth wireless connection (Did i get that right?)

If the above is correct i guess since the WiiMote it’s wireless obviously it needs power to operate. Does it take standard AA or AAA batteries or you actually need a Wii in order to charge it?

Finally and most important is this method lag-free?

you are correct,and i’m pretty sure there gonna be some lag.

Ah a while ago I bought a bluetooth dongle in hopes to use my wii stick on my computer. Didn’t get the dongle yet, but I had no idea I’d have more issues once I get it. Thanks for the info on GlovePIE, I’ll be using this later for sure.

Thanks you **Gigazord **for the response.
This is the same FS3 stick used for the PS3 yea? Is the response and feel for the stick that significant? the reason why I ordered it in the 1st place was because all places are shut down for sticks and buttons so I’m just using the equipment from the wii. Other than the size will I notice it to be much more different than say, the Tekken 5 joystick? which I find to be very good.

It may be better to mod it for ps2 and grab the usb jack converter? Or to just mod it for ps3/pc, get more uses out of it, and no lag.