Hori Wireless Arcade stick 360 deal. (30 Dollars)


BestBuy is currently selling the Tekken 6 LE packages that come with a Hori Wireless stick. This may be local thing only though a few around my state have it. I picked up 2 today in fact! Tekken 6 Limited Edition Wireless Fight Stick Bundle - Xbox 360 6&lp=3&cp=1 This may or may not be the right forum. I looked in the trading forum for a deals section, and did a serach with no results. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I appologise if I diddnt search enough.


Sounds like a good deal


good stuff. yeah i saw this on dealnews.com. i wish they were easy to mod though lol


What type of parts are we talking in here?


you couldn’t pay me to get one of those T6 wireless sticks. There is no redeeming quality about them to have any value.


i got this back in november of 2009. Decent deal i guess if you really want tekken 6 and might need an extra stick for a friend, but my buttons started failing after a year. Also the joystick felt a bit mushy which i was not a fan of.

pros: tekken 6, cheap stick, wireless (convenient?)
cons: relatively low quality parts, wireless (not tournament legal) difficult to mod

i would only get this if you’re a casual player… any seriously player should turn and run


im gonna try and see if my best buy has one tomorrow, I tried to ship to store and even though its on the checkout list it said no?.. I want tekken 6 and this seems the way to go, easy stick to mod!


Cheap Hori parts. If you know soldering skills, it shouldn’t be a hassle.


wait what? did you read any of the posts above? this is a DIFFICULT mod. stupid little tabs for each button, triangle screws (idk the term), buttons soldered into individual pcbs, a non common ground stick, not enough natural clearance for standard japanese sticks unless heavy modding, etc etc etc.


Wait so, this isn’t a good deal? I always wanted a wireless stick


the deal is good for the price and for a short term/casual investment


I think i’ll hold off on this one then, I rather go for quality then quantity.


I had merely posted it for those on the edge about trying out a stick and wanting to see what it’s all about without much money. (You get what you pay for!) I picked em up for some friends and traded the games in to Gamesotp across the street so it came to about 20 bucks a stick so not all that big of a pocket waste. It’s kind of like going from SE to the big boy TE or Customs. Also sorry for the bad posting styles or if I’m breaking any sort of etiquette rulings. I’ve been a long time follower of Shoryuken, just never really had anything to contribute to the community till today.


I wonder if you can swap the parts w/ sanwa parts?


I believe there is a thread with details on how to mod this particular stick.