Hori Wireless Fighting Stick 3 -- Official Thread

Hey guys.
I really want a tutorial on modding this stick up, obviously its not out yet but thought I’d start up an official thread now since it’s supposed to be out tomorrow.


I’m guessing the insides gonna be a lot like the Hori Fighting Stick V3 and Tekken 6 Wireless Stick by Hori.

Pics of your modded wireless stick and the stock parts inside are very welcome. Post all of your findings!

From what I’ve read, it’s the same exact thing as the T6 version (including buttons & PS placement) besides a different joystick/button color scheme & artwork. Then again, I guess we won’t know fo sho until someone opens it up. If it’s confirmed it’s the same, might as well get it for $20 cheaper AND get a free game w/the T6 package from Newegg for $60 shipped…unless you really hate the T6 joystick/button color scheme (you’re gonna replace it anyway I’m assuming) & artwork. Have you tried it in stock form?..It’s complete crap w/too much of a deadzone & way too light. Then again, if you’re the average consumer that just wants a wireless stick then it’ll be decent. I only bought it since I gotta good deal & was curious how craptastic it is, LOL!




It is the same.
No need to make this Thread official.


Any the modification process is same as any Fighting Stick from Hori.