Hori Wireless FS-3 PS3 Problem

I just received this stick today and I have gone to use it. It seem like a fairly simple procedure place receiver into PS3 and the press any button. However this is not the case.
I have put brand new duracell batteries in the stick and im sitting about 1m away from my ps3 and i still dont have any connection. Just wondering if anyone else has heard or had this happen to them because im at a loss for what to do with it!?

Did you plug in the USB dongle?
Only Sony brand Game Pads will connect directly to the PS3.
Every other wireless controller on the market for the PS3 requires a USB dongle to be plugged into a open USB port first.

Yep the Usb dongle is plugged in. Its just flickering waiting to sync with the stick!
Its says to press any button and i have pressed them all!