Hori Wireless Tekken6 Fightstick Problems (Surprise!)

Just the other night, I was practicing TigerKnee Inputs for Multi-Seismo’s in Marvel.

Then all of a sudden, my A Button started going nuts.
It either works fine one second, and the next, it doesnt matter whether im pressing directions or just pressing other buttons it starts Spamming it as if I was mashing as HARD as i can.

Interrupting combos, canceling my moves, limiting my movement.

It’s a real problem.

So I opened it up to try and fix it, and only the bottom comes off, no faceplate (very difficult to deal with).

So I blew some compressed air into where the A Button is, to hopefully clear out any dust that’d be causing the problem…

Now it either Mashes the A Button, or Wont respond at all.

Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening, or how to fix it?
Tutorials would be nice, but this Fightstick is kinda lame compared to others so TE and MCZ fightstick tutorials don’t really help…

Bumping for Help, I really need answers because its the only fightstick ive got and can afford right now…

Well, if you’ve never modded it, then you’re probably going to have to do some de-soldering to remove the “A” button. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to replace it. Since you probably don’t have spare buttons lying around, you’ll have to switch it with one of the buttons you don’t use regularly (easy, since the stick comes with 8 buttons). For now, that’s your best bet. You might, however, want to consider switching out ALL the buttons with better quality ones. You might also want to rewire the buttons with quick disconnects so that you no longer have to deal with solder.

… just be happy you didn’t get the PS3 version. That one’s much harder to mod.

Idk how to start this, uhm:

No, I’ve never modded it, I’ve never modded any fightstick and its the first time I’ve ever done something like this so its pretty difficult.

went as far as opening where the buttons are and inside are springs and balls. I almost broke it at one point…

but I put everything back together (after realizeing I couldnt get off more than 4 of the buttons…) and it SEEMED to work okay… problem is now it wont stay down, so I’m going to attempt to screw the board back to it soon. hopefully it continues to work.

But in the easier solution, Moving one of the buttons for another would be easier since I never use 2 of them. but Have no idea where to start or what to do.

This thread is kinda long, but it will tell you everything you need to know if you want to mod this. The T6 was my first stick just a few months ago and because of how hard it is to mod, I’ve learned quite a lot about doing various things. If I were you, I’d look at replacing all the buttons with screw-ins. The stock buttons are the worst thing about this stick. It’s a good bit of work, but ultimately a better solution than switching the crappy ones around. LizardLick is the best place I’ve found to get the buttons (don’t forget the Quick Disconnects-very tough to find locally).
The T6 gets no love on here because of the crappy buttons, mediocre (but not terrible) stick and really hard setup for changes, but it can be a pretty awesome stick (after you’ve spent all the money on tools and parts that a good stick would have cost in the first place). Good Luck!

^ ditto. I got the wireless as my second stick (because it was a super value) and was pretty dissatisfied with it when comparing it to my Madcatz TE. I found the exact forum he’s pointing you in the direction of and got to work on modding it. I did pretty much everything the above poster recommended. I also switched out the joystick gate, got a bat-top, and got the joystick a new spring. Just this morning, I replaced the artwork. It’s actually become more expensive to mod this baby than to have bought a new TE.
However, I love this stick. Probably more so because of the time that I’ve put into it, but by now, it is also, in its own right, a solid stick and easily comparable to my TE.
If you want to give modding a go, I say do it. It’s very rewarding and kind of fun. And worst case scenario, you just order new parts from lizardlick to replace the ones you messed up. This one might be tough to mod, but I think that the extra challenge just makes it more fun.

Its not modding I want to do, its fixing.

At first the A button worked normally and then all of a sudden would Spam the A button like I was mashing it like crazy.

Then it’d either not work at all or Mash.

now its not working at all.
I took the button apart and put it back together, but it isnt reading the button at all anymore. What can I do to fix this?

The button will have to be replaced by desoldering it from the pcb and soldering a new one (preferrably a better quality button like a sanwa or seimitsu). The link posted above would help explain this.

Alright, Alright…

Im not trying to sound stupid or anything, but If its not reading the button even though it clicks and whatnot, I should just swap the buttons?

In the long run I think I broke about 4 buttons total (did NOT know I needed to de solder them…) but those other 3 still work fine. the A buttons the only problem.

so say with a Desolder, I replace the A button with the Never used button like say… RB? it should work? or should I just shell out $20 and get 8 new Sanwa Buttons?

How did you remove Button without desoldering?

…Pulling it off.
It was already loose so I pulled at the board untill it seperated.

as I said… I’m new to this And Didnt know about the soldering first…

Take some pictures so we can see if something got FUBAR’d in your ripping process

Shit quality I know, but this is a top view of the button (I do realize the metal ball that is in the top one fell out beside the bottom one, thats not the issue.)

And here’s a good view of the underside of the board

I’m almost 99% sure I broke those 4 buttons, but If need be, I (guess) I can be patient enough to wait for 8 new buttons.

Any idea on ways to fix this? its becoming very frustrating as its my only fightstick cause im a poor kid D;

Oh, so you ripped the Microswitch apart!

I suppose I did, so what do I do?

I mean the other 3 seen work just fine but the A Button’s Either wont respond or randomly inputs.

Well, nothing is wrong if they can still be put back together.
Button A can be problem with Button itself of problem in the PCB.

Well now it seems that a lot of the buttons are malfunctioning. oddly enough not X, Y, or B. The LB and RB are now not responding and the A button is stuck.

It seems the more I try and fix it the worse it gets.

Should I get a new PCB? AND Buttons?

Should I get a new PCB?
Probably not. You managed to pull it off without damaging it.
New buttons?
Probably. I’d suggest going down the mod route. But you mention your finances, so your best bet is desoldering the old buttons and replacing them with more hori buttons. Replacing with any other brand button will require losing the PCB (only part of it), wiring the new buttons, and shaving down the little tabs that hori puts in the button holes so that you can fit the non-hori ones.
I don’t know where you could find any, but maybe if you ask around on the forums, someone will just give em to you for free since most people toss em as soon as they can in favor of sanwa/semitsu’s.

I’d be surprized if you got that back together and it was reliable now. I know you aren’t looking to mod, but now I’d say the best fix is a mod. Get some new buttons and rip that pcb out!

I can get some Sanwa buttons, but what do you suggest for PCB?