Hori x Turtlebeach PS4 Tournament Edition (home made)


Because it’s so sad there is no arcade stick build in headset jack when PS4 and X1 can output audio in usb…

So i just make a second Usb port on my Hori and shortened a Turtlebeach cable of EAR Force Sentinel TASK (work with P12 too).

Now at home , local tournament…i can just plug my arcade stick and listen to the sound of the game with my own gaming headset.

Little-matter that there is not enough headset , poorly connected speakers or a screen that has no sound.


Nice solution. Now I bough crap headsets before because they came with decent USB audio dongles before.
That and my preferred headset right now only comes with 3.5mm TRS plugs

Like I purchased the Logitech Laptop Headset H555 Portable Audio For Notebooks, the actual head set sucks and I find wearing the headset is painful.
But the USB dongle that comes with it works great and it worked with my PS3 and later I found it works with the PS4. This was 5 years ago when compatible headsets were not as common as it is now.
Headset I used is a SuperLux HD668B with a attached Ant Lion Mic.

With the cost of the Logitech H555 I would pass it, the Audio Technica USB Audio Adapter is a better buy if you just want a USB dongle.
[edit] I possibly found better.


Does it weel amplifies sound ? Because with Turtlebeach P12 's like usb + Seven the best of my others headsets (Turtlebeach call of/madcatz detonator) sound is great.
However i have just receive a P12 to make another PS4 stick build in Headset…
But Usb Audio Adapater would be a good option for PC tournament , i’m looking for information thx.


I am in the camp of “there no such thing as an actual good GAMING headsets”.
Its one of the things I agree with the Audiophile community on.
I don’t have any links at the moment for you on this but this is based on doing alot of searching and reading up on reviews from audio experts. Not just the kids who are Audio hobbyists, but those who made this kind of thing their field of study and living. Someone posted once in the Hang Out thread a really good you tube video on the subject.

I actually felt Turtle beach was a good brand till I started to try actual headsets and head phones with the sound being much better in clarity and quality (also built quality).
I stuck to the Logitech Dongle as it was PS3 and PS4 compatible. They 5 years old now so I am sure their better quality USB Audio adapters out there.

I have been digging around now I saw this
For the PS4 I think this would be awesome. I have to do some more digging to see what else is out there.

I also found out from it’s product page that the Audio Technica USB Audio Adapter isn’t intended for consoles.




In fact it work on my PC , i’m just listening
Sound is weel amplified and clear , and sound with the Seven is really better than my other headset.


The old Logitech dongle I got isn’t that loud. I don’t know if the newer version is better or not.

Oh this video is quite insightful


Interesting. Would have liked to see a step by step video.


I will make another in few week with the new Hori Hayabusa and Turtlebeach P12 , i have time to make a small video , but it 's really easy…just split usb and shortened Turtlebeach usb cable.
I really think all arcade stick to X1 , PS4 and PC must be build like this…