Hori Xbox 360 Dead or Alive or EX 2 Sticker Template

After posting my Xbox 360 fighting stick mod in the “I love my custom stick gallery” thread I had a few requests to post PDFs of the template I made.

So, here they are (click the images to download that PDF):




OTHER OPTION 1: Adobe InDesign file - contains all of the above artwork in 1 file

OTHER OPTION 2: ZIP file of everything

The “Shape” one is not an exact outline of the metal plate. It is intended only to help you with the placement of your art. I recommend that you make the art extend (bleed) past the edges of the plate, cut out the holes to line up the plate and then cut the outside edge of the art around the plate.

Also, these are not 100% perfect. But the holes are super, super close (within fractions of a millimeter).

If you have any questions, post them here and I’ll answer them for you.