Hori Xbox 360 Fighting Stick EX2 mod?



I want to buy Hori Xbox 360 Fighting Stick EX2 but i ve 2 questions ;

**1) **Can i change joystick handle top with LB-30N http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/7761/imagemagicib3.th.jpg (or like this) is it possible ?

2) if it is possible where can i find and is it easy to change ?


Hori Xbox 360 Fighting Stick EX2


Lizardlick has them, just make sure to buy the adapter

You can order both at this page…

So you just want to change the ball top to bat top? Are you planning to change the gate too? If its just the balltop just get some pliers(cover w/ tape or towel) to hold the shaft & then twist w/ your hand…Pretty simple…


Thanx man yes just i want to change my ball top to bat top but If you give idea i am ready to listen :angel: with shopping links :wgrin:
Meanwhile are adapters standart ?


I changed my top exactly like that. Works great.