HORI Xbox 360 Fighting Stick EX2

I’m interested in this stick cause it’s pretty cheap and Hori makes it, but I noticed that the face buttons aren’t mapped for SF games. Does anyone use this to play Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the 360? Can you map the buttons correctly (jab, strong, fierce, short, forward, roundhouse)? Particularly in Third Strike because I know that the controls make you use the black and white buttons (the bumpers). The answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, you can map the buttons correctly. I did.

What he said. You can map the buttons to do whatever. The bumper buttons are a bit annoying since they are on the top of the stick layout. Whatever it’s a great stick to start out on…i’m almost getting used to the pad->conversion :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, thanks.

On a side note, does third strike work ok on an xbox 360?

I have some serious questions about the Ex2 and Seimitsu PS-15 buttons:

  1. Is it possible to mod the Hori Ex 2 with with a brand name japanese stick? I know the JLF has severe actuator problems with the EX2 (The height issue can be solved easily with a battop but the actuator problems cannot). What Sanwa/Seimitsu joystick would fit in it without these actuator problems? I would even be ok with having to drill holes in the control panel but would prefer not to.

  2. The buttons. I want to use Seimitsu PS-15 pushbuttons due to their thinness (room for quick disconnects) and convex plunger. How do these buttons compare to other buttons? I like Sanwa, crew-in Seimitsu, and Happ Comp/Convex buttons (I have never used arcade grade korean buttons but by the descriptions of them it sounds like I would like them). I hate Seimitsu snap-ins though (not due to the flat plunger but rather due to their horrible design IMO. Unlike Sanwa, Seimitsu’s screwins feel much better than their snap-ins.) Has anyone used these buttons and can give me some info/opinions/reviews/comparisons/etc. on them?

yes it does. though no one has ever answered my question whether it is better to play online on the 360 or the original xbox. cause it can lag like a bitch on the 360. i’ve never owned an original xbox, so i can’t compare.

I would guess it’s better on the original xbox since it’s an Xbox game, not 360. Never heard of lagging problems on regular xbox.

The only big problem with playing it on the 360 is that you get slowdown if you jump/your character goes high enough to make the screen move up. A person on a normal Xbox will also feel the effects on their end as well if they’re playing against someone on 360. Was that the lag you’re referring to? If it’s not, it may be your connection or the people you play against as I haven’t noticed any big difference in latency aside from that.

I wish someone would answer this cause I’m interested too. As for #1, I heard a Seimitsu LS-33 might fit in nicely. Paik used it on a Fighting Stick 3 mod he did so maybe he can shed some light on that. If it does fit, I was thinking of getting an LS-33 and an LS-56 spring in case I want it to be stiffer.

Ya I got one and am trying to make the pad > stick conversion with it. I removed the restrictor plate as I found it hella annoying, but doesn’t seem to bad otherwise. Does anyone know of a octagonal/circular restrictor plate that would fit this? I’m not very knowledgeable about sticks, but i imagine operating with no restrictor plate probably isn’t good/ makes it more difficult to operate accurately thanks to the increased diameter of the base of the stick. Unfortunately I don’t know any way to test which one i’d like more so if they aren’t to expensive i’ll probably try both of them out.

Sanwa GT-Y should fit in.

Huh… right on. So then I suppose it’s when I play someone also using a 360 that it’s damn near flawless? I know for sure it’s not my connection. My down/up speeds are pretty decent (10/1.5).

I put those seimitsu ps-15 in my ex2. the holes on the hori plate need to be widened a little bit more to get them in, but once that’s done, they are similar to sanwa obsf/n except they feel a bit stiffer to push than the obsf/n. I actually switched sanwa microswitches with the seimitsu ones, and put in an ls-32 stick with a ps1 pcb.




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How did you get the LS-32 to fit?

Hey Evil, you should talk to RockCho. He’s selling me a modded ex2 with a sanwa JLF in it. I haven’t received it yet but here are some pics:



The JLF doesn’t look like it’s mounted at the right height.

it doesn’t? :sad:

Judging from first picture, it looks as if it’s mounted directly underneath the plate. JLFs are supposed to be mounted with a little space (I forget how much) between the mounting plate and the control panel.

I modded the plastic case, and cut a hole in the bottom plate where the shaft will stick out a little.