HORI Xbox 360 Gem Pad EX - Experiences?


Anyone have any experience with the HORI Xbox 360 Gem Pad EX?
It’s on sale right now at Newegg for $10 so I thought I would order it and give it a try.
I’ve tried the regular XBox controllers and the switching dpad one but they’re pretty bad in my opinion. My cousin also had 2 of the switching dpads just snap off while playing so I rather not do that to mine. This one for $10 wouldn’t be too bad if it breaks. Also, it’s pretty hard to find a wired original controller these days.
If it doesn’t work for fighting games I’m hoping the dpad will at least be good for Spelunky and other platformers because I keep getting down-left/down-right instead of just crouch a lot with the Microsoft controllers.


Other than the transparency, that pad is a re-hash of a older Hori pad.


Ah, okay. I’ll go look up some threads about those.


I actually have the PS3 version of that one. They feel delicate but seem pretty accurate. The d-pad works better when you press with the inside of the thumb (instead of the tip). Of course it may feel different being on a different part of the controller. Also, Some of these are known to have singular LED bulbs going out on them. No way does it effect performance.


You might have to replace the hard plastic analog sticks, but everything else is great.