Hori XBOX 360 stick died, any help?

I was playing SC4 today, when randomly my stick just dies on me. It was literally working one second, then just died. Stick and button inputs all dead. The only buttons that work is the start button and the home button (I tested this on my PC as well, and no other button activates aside from those two). The lights around the home button light up as well.

I’m wondering if this is a known problem. I opened the stick to see if there was anything unusual, but I couldn’t find any problems. It just seems too random that the stick would be perfectly working one second, then just completely shut off the next.

Any ideas?

It is a known problem, welcome to the world of ex2s. I myself and still on my first one, but apparently a few others have gone through quite a few.

Im just waiting for the day when i have to put an official controller inside it.

that sucks. time to hack a pad. might as well make the best of a bad situation and change out the stock stick and buttons as well.

throw it in da gutter and go buy another. or you could hack a pad but then you have a nice, expensive hacked pad and cheap hori stick. that’s not a balanced equation. It’s time to step into flavor country and get a decent stick. :smokin:

My Hori SC4 Stick for PS3 died in pretty much the same way you described your situation. Mine only lasted a month. So I contacted Hori support, but I never expected them to replace it. While that was in the works I layed down plans to mod the stick. I pretty much had all the parts and was ready to work then Hori contacted me and offered to replace my broken stick. Very nice gesture on Hori’s part.

So I don’t know how long you’ve had your stick but I would give Hori support a try.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have wasted my money on that stick to begin with. I know its a little tough to get good 360 stick without customizing nowadays though. Good luck!