Hori XboxArcadeStick Will not work with MAME

I’ve tried some tutorials on setting up an arcade stick for pc use. Im specifically looking to use it on Mame.

What I’m using:

Arcade Controller I wanna use


Mame I’m using (if this matters):

MAME32++ 0.117

Windows XP

XBCD v1.07

Guides I’ve tried.

http://xbcd360guide.50webs.com/guide.html Nope


Anything wrong here?



you have to map the buttons in mame,or try xpadder and map the buttons to the keyboard inputs

Tried Xpadder buttons work but the joystick doesnt work

I used that exact stick for a while.

It works with X-Padder.

What did you do to get the joystick read?

Figured it out.

Instead of just stating you figured it out, share what you had done wrong in the first place so people can search and find your thread, and not make new ones. I had to set the stick into “d-pad” mode and then set every direction and button in the MAME setup to make the MC TE stick work. It’s kind of confusing since there are dozens of control settings in MAME.

SE sf4 stick doesnt work with it neither, u will need xpadder.