HORI's UMVC3 Arcade Stick and HRAP V3-SA the same?

Judging by just looking at it, I would think so.

The problem is that I have the UMVC3 Arcade Stick and my USB cable broke so I tried contacting HORI and they told me they no longer support the product and, therefore, cannot help me. They still sell their HRAP V3-SA so I was wondering if I can find its parts from there and just simply take that.

I tried looking around to see if it was similar and it lead me to one review saying that the two are identical except for the panel. I can’t quite find the parts individually though and the exact part which is used for the arcade stick. </arcadesticknoob>

EDIT: If not, I’m willing to buy a custom PCB with a different USB conector just so that it’d work. Dual-mod PCB would be even better but if not, c’est la vie.

they should be the exact same model with different artwork.

You could just get someone to solder an entirely new USB. And these can be dualmodded with Toodles ChImp boards.

I’ve had both & can confirm they’re the same besides the artwork.

Thanks for your input! I’ll take a look if I can find the model of the USB cable used in either just to get my hands on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I wouldn’t need to get a USB cable but use the RJ45 mount and cable? Wouldn’t it be easier to get the Akishop PS360+ PCB?

Thanks for your input! Now I know for sure that I can get the part if I stumble upon it. :stuck_out_tongue: