Horizon: Zero Dawn (Now Out!)


E3 Trailer:


IGN Rewind :


Continue fawning over this game please.

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Whoa, that looks awesome. I just watched the trailer you posted.


It sucks there’s a lack of interest in this game. This is the best new IP to come out of E3 this year.


More info on Horizon: Zero Dawn: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/06/15/announcing-horizon-zero-dawn/

So it’s not just an action game but a role playing one too wow awesome! This is straight up one of the best game trailers I’ve ever seen, totally blew everything even DOOM 4 out of the water, I’m in love with Fallout+Transformers+Turok+Tomb Raider: The game

Also this is really awesome to see Guerilla Games a developer who has made nothing but Killzone games branch out and make something that’s very different than what they know how to do, I see some similarity between this and Killzone franchise especially in the art of the mech mastodon which is clearly inspired by Killzone tech, but it’s still definitely a financial risk so Kudos to SONY and Guerilla Games for trying somethign new rather than just making a new Killzone. Hope more developers branch out of their comfort zone so we get unique surprises like this, I think I’ve just become convinved to get a PS4 sooner rather thna later wow.


I hope it’s light on the RPG and heavy on the action.


More Horizon info: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/horizon-zero-dawn-is-prehistoric-and-modern-all-at/1100-6428257/

Open world you say?

Wow this game is already shaping up to be insane.


No in game tutorial and a deeper explanation on the RNG elements:


Just dropping in my support for this game, I’m definitely keeping my eye on this one. I’m quite pleased they didn’t just do another Killzone because I literally was not expecting anything out of Guerilla that would make me look in thier direction. Seems like they’re taking a bit of a Souls approach to the game judging by that article and that’s always a good thing.


Leaving E3, Horizon was the game I was most looking forward to. Can’t wait to see how it turns out.


Yeah this is one of the only non fighting games I was interested in this year at E3. Looks fun.

Still waiting for Quantum Break.


Didn’t expect to be blown away this much by a new IP this year.

Really looking forward to this.


Day One supporter; the game’s atmosphere is so charming, and the dynamic combat, crafting, RPG elements; it’s kind of “Monster Hunter meets The Witcher meets Enslaved”; the fact that it’s single player focused just makes it more interesting to me, but it would be nice if multi-player elements like online raids and big boss fights were added as DLC later.This game was the biggest surprise of E3, and the new IP i’m looking forward the most. I can only imagine Guerilla Game’s executives suggesting the idea of this game to SCE.

  • GG: Mr. Yoshida, we have an offer.

  • Shuhei: Sure, what is it?

  • GG: We have been working on a new project, and we’d like the approval of SCE. It has robots… and dinosaurs.

  • Shu: So, the next Killzone already? Wonderful!. I’m fully aware Shadowfall was not nearly the limit of your creative minds, with the pressure of being a launch title and all. But tell me, why would you put dinosaurs in Helghan?

  • GG: I’m sorry mr. Yoshida, I may have made a poor choice of words; we meant we’re working on a new IP Action-RPG, with robot-dinosaurs and a redhead archer set in a post-post apocalyptic future.

  • Shu: Say no more. Just tell me how much.


An interview with Guerrilla Games:

And some things not shown at E3:


An interview showing how worried Sony was going with a female lead. Po Trigger warning, Polygon.


I don’t blame them, now is the worst possible time to be writing female characters.


I like how the trailer segwayed straight into gameplay.



Because of crybabies that want them to be one dimensional mary-sues?




Preview and Technical Analysis:




I didn’t read because Polygon is shit but I don’t trust them with this kind of thing. They are part of the problem.