Horrible SF cosplay


Crazy there’s no such thread already. Watching horrible, hideous cosplay is too funny. Post your stuff here.



That Balrog cosplayer own, wtf are you talking about?


There’s a cross-dresser with a mustache in between “Ken” and “Blanka”. Also, does Zangief have a tail?


Holy shit that first Chun Li pic, dude’s a fucking toothpick.



How is that horrible that’s the best thing I have ever seen oh my god


I think there’s something wrong with the pictures in the OP. All I see is fucking awesome cosplay.


Yeah that one was quite good. Still I think cosplay in general is kinda ugly. Even sometimes when it’s good lol.


it’s one of those things where you need either a banging hot chick or a sick full body suit to really pull it off imo



Look at that group of men who clearly all enjoy a healthy sex life.


hahaha, special mention to Morrigan, Cammy and Sakura !


I have too many bad cosplay pictures on my computer.