Horrific Unplayable Lag on PC AE


Looking for any advice/help to make AE edition playable on PC. I downloaded on Steam.

The lag is so bad, the game freezes constantly and/or slows to a complete crawl. Half the time I lose connection to opponent.

The same game (SSFIV AE) plays fine on my PS3 so my internet isn’t the problem. Also I have no problems with PC Vanilla.

Any ideas?


specs and connection?


Phenom II X6 1055T, AMD Radeon 6870, 6GB DDR3 RAM

Cable internet (Comcast)


Same problem.


Use any of the other PC problem threads…


I have the same problem, only not as severe. PC up to specs, fast internet, Vanilla PC working flawlessly. It’s really weird.


The PC version of AE is an unplayable joke.


Your connection is a joke.

OP, I presume you can play without problems offline and benchmarking ur PC doesn’t show any problems. When you open the GFWL window, go to settings and network information (or something like that), what’s your NAT type there? Could be firewall issues. And how’s online in other games on your PC? Oh and where are you living? US? If you’re using Comcast…dunno what their coverage is.


Check your Firewall ports.
Ive got 4 pcs online playing int he same channel and ranked matches and its all flawless. Better than 360


I never get much lag at all, in fact the game runs way smoother then my PS3 version and my links are ten times better, I dont know if I can even go back to the PS3 version.


So many people defend this poorly coded game it makes me wonder if the capcops pay you morons. My pc 3.6ghz overclocked q6600, 8 gig ddr2, gtx 570, verizon fios internet, i download anything I want at 3.5 megs a second. mp3 in 1 second. shit is dumb fast. Day 1 online was perfect. arcade perfect. I was literally the happiest man alive. The closest arcade to me shut down, so online is my best option at the moment. A few days into pc version, and the game is unplayable, i tried putting all settings to low, didnt make a difference, so I max that shit out now cuz fuck it its the other guy im playing - lame p2p game, shoulda been server based.

long story short I started playing ladder competitively. Went from 2200 pp to 1250, lost every match in a row. I’ll body some idiot, then they turn a torrent on, now I can’t hit a link for shit and I get bodied. P.S. I play as seth. 1 mistake = 50%. One goken back throw into ultra = 50%. Zangief mashing on ultra during a bnb link combo, FOR MOTHER RUSSIA… 50%.

Same day, kept playing, got all my points back. If I am playing someone with a half decent connection it’s a fair fight. Otherwise I get bodied. Vanilla PC was bad but this is worse.

The problem is that all the games mentioned im playing dudes with 4 green bars and A level PC. Can’t get better than that right? Then how come some people crawl, some people are fine, but 99% of games are vs ass connections. I get scrubbed out by 100pp mashers because my character refuses to acknowledge my input command telling him to block, so I sit there and get fucking freed. Then I play 3k pp players with a semi-average connection and free them. Shit is frustrating so I quit until capcom fixes this (not holding my breath, back to starcraft 2). But all these people are 4 green bars and A rank PC. Outstanding job capcom.

p.s. you idiots defending this atrocious netcode need to get a real job, buy a real computer, and then feel as cheated as the rest of us. I connect to CS servers with a 2 ms ping. I run crysis maxed out. My friend is an enthusiast. 3d computer setup, OC’d i7 gtx 580 sli the fucking works… same problem.


Yea really, at first it was laggy for me, but now its way better, its like it just got better over the last few nights on its own…I put it in XP compatibility mode but I dont even know if thats the reason, I just know I am leaving it there.


Playgroundlegen, I am not sure if your directing your post towards me, and I feel your pain. I have a powerful self built pc myself but I dont experience the amount of lag that you do, sorry to hear your on the negative end. Maybe you have to forward some ports?


Im not Defending Capcom netcode. I will tell you my experience. I have 4 PCs all running PC AE.
My machine i7 920 4 GHz/ 8GB DD3 1600/ SLI 460 GTX and i rock 260fps in the benchmark. Internet is Cable 25MB down 5MB up. I have 0 issues with the game online. the only laggy gamers i play with green bars and A/PC are from canada. If i select the quick green people with A pc. Its faster and 0lag vs X360live. And i have 3 other pcs with lower specs than this. One has to lower graphics to make it 60fps stable. and guess what we are ALL ONLINE SAME TIME! no issues playing people. Ill get a hiccup every now and again. But that is someone with a crappy pc. and I do get the person perfect till I am about to body him then laggggggg death to unmovable play. but i take those as hackers. So yell and scream all you want. Hell it may be because of something in Capcoms game that i am not experiencing. but dont come on here yelling we are all fan boys and blowing capcom because ours works.


As if the PC or internet in your case matter, lol. I can say the same, my PC can run the game maxed on 200 fps and my 50 Mbit net ain’t a problem either, still an awesome experience so far. You’re just unlucky with the choice of opposition. It’s all comes down to the connection between you and your opponent, or generally put, the internet infrastructure in your countries and those inbetween that provide the link. The netcode can’t do s**t about that, so don’t just blame Capcom. The only thing you can blame them for is the game showing bad connections as green bars, but we can’t really expect that bloody thing to work properly, can we? It’s not a self-refreshing ping counter like those in FPS games, sadly enough.

I don’t want to look like I protect Capcom, I’m still angry that we missed out the original Super, but people love to blame them for everything these days.


and Im praying we get Street Fighter X Tekken


I just turned off Vsync and did a match and my input delay vanished. I have to go out but im going to test more later. Prior to that I played a match lagless with input delay. Playing on a modded se with sanwa.

Any lag I havce has no choice but to be because of shit internet.


Im interested in this idea about forwarding ports. In my experience with older pc games you needed to forward ports if you were to host a multiplayer game. Most games take care of this for you, and if the ports aren’t forwarded you can’t play. Anyone want to point me in the direction of what I need to do regarding port forwarding to possibly fix some of this? I’m intrigued as I have not explored that option as of yet.


PlayGroundLegen you’e an idiot, download speed has nothing to do with in game perferformance.
you need to look at the number of hops between servers.

When it works, it works well. your pc is also crap, I had a better spec on in 2005.
So I would not take your word for anything, just another clown with big balls on the net.


There are no servers. It’s peer to peer.