Horror pack breaks the game

Ever since the horror outfit pack has come out, using it (on PC) the game randomly quits without any error message, at least every 2 hours. I have completely removed and reinstalled the game, didn’t work. Has anyone else experienced this?

I had problems with the animal costume pack. Shortly after I bought it I would randomly disconnect. It got so bad that the game would tell me that I wasn’t connected to Steam and shit.
Since a couple of weeks I got problems with opponents disconnecting and crashing and stuff and connections overall are unstable as hell.
Often times I can’t tell by the bar indicator if a game gets good because sometimes it will tell me that some fuck over in India/Australia or even fucking Brazil has a green connection, and when I realize the flag it’s already to late and I’m in a game full of shit.

Goddamn I hate USFIV online on Steam.

That’s weird, I can’t even see games from other countries.

I’ve got to set search patterns for all around the world because if I use “My Region” the fucking game assumes I only want to search for games in Germany, instead of western Europe.
It’s retarded. Seems like Capcom only had the USA and Japan in mind when designing their game search interface.

not sure if this is related but on steam it randomly disconnects after winning the first round alot in ranked and endless as of late. Mightve happened to me a few times on PS4 but not really sure about that.

But conversely these other guys from god knows where must also be searching all games, because I’ve never had a foreigner join one of my lobbies.

During SFV I was constantly matched vs other people in Latin America though.