Hosenka setup glitch

Hello guys. Ok, I’ve even registered on srk because of this.
Here’s the question.

I’m trying to perform this Chun combo:

 -> j.HPx2 -> cr.HP -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka 

instead of ‘U1’ I see whiffed ‘HK’ like I lost charge. But I’m sure I have not.

That’s really strange because ‘Ultra 1’ works perfectly after just ‘EX spin kicks’.

Other things that work:
-> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka
-> j.HPx2 -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka
-> j.HPx2 -> cl.HP -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka
-> j.HPx2 -> cl.HK -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka
-> cr.MK -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka
-> j.HPx2 -> cr.MK -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka

doesn’t work:
-> cr.HP -> EX Spin kicks -> Hosenka

So the problem is definitely in cr.HP.

Related to both SF4 and SSF4.

Is this a glitch or something, maybe some limitation of battle system?

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Thanks :china:

If I go home and try this and it works you are going straight to hell.

I was born in here. If you successfully perform this I would like to know how.
Will wait for your results :wink:

I Can’t confirm it because i have no copy of SSF4 where I am now, but i suppose that you lose your backcharge.
Cr. HP moves you towards your opponent (thats the reason the cr. hp-legs loops works and cs. HK - legs doesn’t).
You are then so close to your opponent, that he crosses you over while spinning around you - so you lose your backcharge and can’t get the Ultra.

I’ve noticed this problem, but I am 99% sure it is still possible.

In my experience, there is a brief window of time where the game engine will simply NOT allow you to Ultra after EX SBK, regardless whether or not you have charge.

First of all, make sure that when you execute EX SBK, you are going from down-back to up-back so that you are keeping your back-charge.

After EX SBK comes out, you can do one of two things – do the motion for Ultra 1 from Up-Back during EX SBK, so that Ultra 1 comes out right after EX SBK is done (basically a Balrog EX Headbutt > Ultra 1). OR

Continue to charge (while your opponent is in the air, falling) and do Ultra 1 as they fall within striking height of Ultra 1.

Both work, but only in specific situations. In some situations they both work, in some you have to wait, in some you have to do it instant.

c.hp x ex sbk puts chun too close, so they switch sides during ex sbk, that’s why she loses charge.
if you use pretty much any other move they will be too far out too switch sides, so combo into u1 works from that.

Thanks guys. I think I won’t use it if charge is ruined after that move. There’s a bunch more setups.

When I want to combo into an EX SBK (Not juggle) I often use cr. :mk: xx EX SBK since it always works and it pushes you a just enough to keep them in the corner.