Hostile Takeover Presents: "Resurrection"

Thanks to everyone who came & everyone who watched the stream! It was an amazing night, and our community is certainly growing! See you next month!

63 total in attendance

10 entrants
1st. HT RaginAzn ($70.00)
2nd. Matthew Calvano ($20.00)
3rd. Ray Nyce ($10.00)
4th. HT Duo
5th. Ian
5th. NaI2c
7th. Luis
7th. HT F8
9th. Ray
9th. MaJunior

19 entrants
1st. ERGZ Lil Evil ($133.00)
2nd. NaI2c ($38.00)
3rd. HT Gigglepiez ($19.00)
4th. HT Mr. Beautiful
5th. HT Zingy
5th. Ray Nyce
7th. Yellow Jacket
7th. ERGZ Diego M.
9th. Matthew Calvano
9th. Ignacio
9th. Tony Kim
9th. Shirtless Jeremy
13th. Ma Junior
13th. Moon Sauce
13th. Ben
13th. Justin White
17th. Dom
17th. Zanegyf
17th. Tango

23 entrants
1st. Justin White ($161.00)
2nd. HT Zingy ($46.00)
3rd. KC Ayyyy ($23.00)
4th. TWK?
5th. Chase
5th. Mr. Flubbs
7th. Brian Tom
7th. HT Bosch
9th. ERGZ Lil Evil
9th. Chamakito
9th. Kevin B
9th. Ty
13th. Moon Sauce
13th. PR X-Man
13th. Dr. NARRADO
13th. Shist The War God
17th. Ray Nyce
17th. Justin D
17th. Na2c
17th. Ma Junior
17th. Lord Dynasty
17th. Bal Mung
17th. Luis

HT F8 here, what a great night!

Me for scrubbing out in 3s… gotta shake off the rust.
HT RaginAzn for finally conquering 3s! Gdlk
Matt Calvano for knocking me out of winners (again lol) and dat solid Chun. Too good.
HT Duo for helping make this possible, and knocking me out of 3s r2 in losers! Lame. You’re still too good lol.
Ray Nyce for getting 3rd in 3s, really solid basics and execution! See you next month.
ERGZ Lil Evil for BEASTING on everyone in AE with dat Evil Ryu… so gdlk.
ERGZ and all the NYC people for coming down. Thanks a lot, we really appreciate your support!! Tristate is god tier.
NaI2c for being way too good at AE.
HT Gigglepiez for having a beast Gen and repping the team well, and Keeping it Classy.
HT Mr. Beautiful for a good performance in AE and all your help! :slight_smile:
Shirtless Jeremy for the best gamertag.
Shist The War God for most epic gamertag and only losing to guys in UMVC Top 4! lol
Justin White for being good as fuck at MvC and RETS GO JUSTIN
HT Zingy for raping loser’s bracket in MvC and playing solid as fuck all day. ZINGALING<3
KC Ayyyy for putting in work, grats on 3rd!
Mr. Flubbs for getting T-5th playing team low-tier and hyping everyoneee with that beast Hsien-Ko and tough Thor!
HT Bosch for running a great event, you’re gdlk bro. Next time you got this in Marvel!
EVERYONE for coming out and proving we have a beast community. :slight_smile: Next month is too hype already!