Hosting a tournament?

Hey there everyone, so I live in an area where there is practically no fighting games scene (however smash 4 seems to be growing popular, but that’s not exactly what I want) so I want to host a tournament in the city I live in to attract people who already play and hopefully get others to join in. The only problem is that I do not know the steps to host a tournament, what should I do in order to host a tournament? Any pointers and advice is greatly appreciated.

What city do you live in? Tournaments aren’t really a “if you build it, they will come” scenario, especially if you claim it has no scene.

I live in Saudi arabia, the scene probably exists, its just most likely the people who play the games are a quite bunch who meet up in someones house to play, that was the case with smash 4 atleast,the moment a tournament was announced around 40 people showed up.
If anything what I am trying to do is to gather the players to one spot to get to know each other.

You’ll need to be in touch with the scene first. Because that’s where you’ll be almost everything you need to run the tournament from people to help run it, to consoles and other equipment you need to run the game(s) on.

Then, you’ll need an actual venue to host the tournament.

If that Smash tourney pulled 40 people, maybe see if you can latch onto that. It’s possible people might get into other games while they’re there. Really all you need are set ups and a bracket to run a tournament. I’ve had 37 person RanBats run out of my apartment before.

Also follow someone like Latif on twitter, he’s from Saudi Arabia, people don’t get that good without a scene. See if he knows how to hook you up with players in the area.

That makes sense, if I can somehow get in touch with the scene it should be easier and cheaper to run the tournament.

I like that idea, I’ll stick around with the Smash scene and see if any people are interested or know people who would love to join. I knew Latif through evo for some time but never tried contacting him, I will definitely try to hit him up on twitter, and if he hooks me up the process will be much easier.
Thank you guys for the advice, I will definitely use it.