Hosting Street FighterIV in Newport News (Port Warrick) -PS3

Lookin to start and host some very competitive SF4 (PS3) casuals in Newport News. I dont know anyone as of now who plays at a high level, so a handfull of players would be a nice turn out for some weekly fun. Would like to get set up as early as today. So hit me up (phil) call or txt 7575925861 to let me know a new challenger has arrived. Sonic Bewm!!

I’m trying to learn to play at a competitive level, but I live in Newport News so thats better than nothing. Another guy named <EDT3K> lives in NN as well, maybe try and get ahold of him?

Also, this is a good place to start out, the VA Thread.

Phil man, definitely subscribe to the local VA thread check the thread everynow and then for people hosting casuals or repost what you have in that thread…you’ll likely get responses. also, you signed up on the player registry, you should utilize it. pm me if you have any questions