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i’m still new to the world of VF so this is my first time playing a VF game (I played arcade 2 when I was little but that doesnt count) looking to learn all about El Blaze from seasoned veterans since im an El fuerte player from sf4 the connection was natural.


i hate el fuerte more than anything in life, but i am drawn to play el blaze…


Blaze feels like Fuerte, but at the same time not. With Blaze, you can see where they got Fuerte’s vortex from, but Blaze represents the takedown aspect so much better.

That being said, I enjoy him, but since I don’t know his fighting style like Eileen’s, he’s harder to get down.

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nice, I was waiting for someone to create this thread.

same here.


Love El Fuerte, love El Blaze.
If only Elf had as good as a skill set as Blaze…


any good japanese vids out there?


How about one from '07?



So many godlike quotes that could have headlined this thread. Alas they went unused…
Anyway yeah Blaze is great, I love his Momentary Touchdown moves. Makes his stage even more awesome. He will probably be my secondary after Lei Fei.


Is it possible to cause a stagger with :ub::k:, cancel it into Rocket Discharge, and use his running command grab all in one combo?


you could if the opponent doesnt do anything when they recover. but the distance is great enough for the opponent to recover naturally and hit you during your grab animation let alone if they do mash to recover


Try this sick combo out:
43P+K, P+G on hit, 6, 9K+GK
Handsome Scratch Rush, Rocket Discharge, Screw Leg Lariat

That alone does 111 damage, and it pushes the enemy pretty far back chances are they will collide with the wall which can allow you to do PPK (Outrage Combo) and bring the total damage up to a whopping 132. However Taka will not collide with the wall.
I haven’t tested it on every weight class but it works on Wolf so I think it’s safe to say it will work on any class below him.
The downside is that the initial hit comes out in 26 frames.


^ That setup is escapable after the 43P+K throw shift. Make sure you turn stun break on when testing shakeable stun combos.

Speaking of though, anyone have any good setups for 43P+K?


Trying to figure out a setup for 43P+K seems tough. I’m having terrible just trying to find combos.

All I got is 6PK,2KPK RD or dash 2P+G. You could do a bit more on a CH. overall this is my go to combo


Again, not a combo. They can tech after the 6PK to escape ether of those. If the hit counter turns green, it means it’s techable. Some combos, to get you guys started:

8P+K_6P+K_FC,6P+K, 6P+KP, KKK . Pretty standard combo ender. Works on most everyone except heavies IIRC. You can usually alternate 2P+K, 6PK for heavies.


RD 2K, 2P 2KPP


Moves you should be using, at least IMO. Keep in mind I’m still relatively new to VF and even more so to Blaze, but here’s what I use a lot.
-PK his best punisher and a decent poke. +4 on hit
-6PK i14 mid, semi hit confirmable
-3K i16 decent range mid
-7K back handspring mid kick, useful at creating distance, cancels into RD
-6K i19 mid, gives pushback on hit or block, creates space, cancels to RD
-4PK i15, covers back then 360. NC, cancels into RD
-3P+K, TC mid with some range, throw shift on hit that cancels into RD.
-46K, you can cancel into RD on hit or block by inputting 46K46. Useful for mixup.
-K+G full tracking high kick that gives +6 on hit and sideturned
-43K+G decent ranged high that has a throw shift followup for 65 dmg.
-FC6P+K safe launcher.
-6P+K, unsafe launcher, use for punishing -17+
-8P+K safe launcher, tech jump
-HCB_HCF throws. His main damage throws.

RD stuff
9K+G,P_K. First his has good range and it’s hard to hit him out of. It’s linear though so it can be stepped. On normal hit both P and K combo. P is a mid combo starter, K is a high knockdown, and also it tracks 360. This should be one of your go to moves from RD

P+G throw from RD. Useful when people start blocking, esp after close RD mixups like 66K_46K etc.

K, IIRC his fastest RD attack. Useful at close range as it stuns them for a combo if they are already in stun from a RD transition (66K_46K etc.)

2K low combo starter. Has some range

9K_K+G. These two moves look similar in startup, but 9K is a mid and K+G is a high unblockable. Mix up accordingly.


I still need to look over Nicovideo… but I found this guy’s channel, has a couple of VFFS Blaze vids of himself, + a link to some kind of El Blaze blog he writes in


Not sure why I logged on to this nasty site, but I did.

I made a thread going over RD and what was added for FS. I’ll add more, but weekly offline tournies and working on my fundmentals are more important to me at the moment. Discharge : Final Showd#Post327999

Otakugamer: That website is awesome and so is his Wall Combo on his YT page. Love doing that. People’s faces when they get with it is hilarious.

Don’t forget when you knock the opponent down and they tech-roll to the side, you can low throw them before they get a chance to even stand up. A lot of people don’t know this for whatever reason, and think VF doesn’t have Oki.



El Blaze combo video, showcasing some of his bread and butters, wall combos and more. Feedback is appreciated and please rate.

I enjoyed Blaze so much after finishing this video that I am going to start main-ing him.