Hot for (Akuma) Teacher!

Forgive the referanced title :wink: (extra points if you guess it)

Basically ive been frequenting these forums alot lately. Its been all reading though as i pretty much have nothing to add to the font of knowledge that is this forum. As of writing this i main Bison… but i wanna main Akuma!

The only reason i main Bison is because im pretty good with him, but am dire as Akuma for some reason. The thing is no matter what i read or what videos i watch, i just cant figure out what im doing wrong. I have all his BnB combos down, i time my jump-ins and cover myself with air fireballs but i just loose all the time :frowning:

So i figure the only way im ever going to get Akuma as my main is to ask for some serious help, thats where you guys come in :slight_smile:

Im looking for a mentor, someone to teach me where im going wrong and help me improve my game ala Alex and Shizza.

You will find me on Xbox live gamertag Armdevil :slight_smile: add me and help me! You will be greatly rewarded with shinny things and self satisfaction lol.

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i’d help.
except i’m on PSN T.T

Did this really require a thread… Btw, if you are losing all the time then there is a lot you can improve on your own without the need for a mentor.

Mentor??? LMAO!

How about hitting Challenge and completing all trials flawlessly several times then Arcade on Hardest without restarting and finally Training for resets and kara demons. Once you have all 3 phase at say 70-80%, the rest is matchup awareness and you’ll win more than lose. Without them a mentor is useless as the will only provide insight on strategy not learning or skills.

Bison, such an easy char unlike Akuma. Good luck though … just know it will take time depending on how good and fast you learn. I’m still not great and I’ve mained Akuma since vanilla.

Watch your replays and find out where you’re getting punished and what you need to do to change it. Its not only BnB and air hados. You should poke and look for a way to get in and find an opening to BnB. Also you need to block. Akuma has only 850 stamina so you can’t make too many mistakes or you’re done. If you can’t get better by yourself you shouldn’t play Akuma. I’m sorry but its the truth. Children should be taught how to play a character and i don’t think you’re a child but you could be im not sure. Real Akuma players learn on their own and take the time to work and get better. If you truly want to play Akuma do it yourself. No need for this thread.

I’ll keep it simple. Follow these in whichever order fits you best.

  • Learn how to buffer SGS.

  • Learn how to BLOCK all attacks.

  • Learn the block strings and how to tick throw/FADC throw.

  • Forget about FADC red fireball. moar ex srk…

  • Learn how to play 3 games. DEFENSE, FOCUS THE POKE, and FOOTSIES. The best Akuma is the one who isn’t getting punched in the face or trapped in the corner looking like a retard.

  • Execution and hit-confirming. One is useless without the other.

All these things can be perfected in either Training Mode or Endless Battle. Honestly, you may find 2-3 really good players per day in Endless battle. So when doing that, don’t worry so much about winning more than going over the above techniques. You’ll probably win anyway just doing that. If you recognize a good player, then politely ask for FR and play them whenever possible. Don’t ASK them to teach you. Just play them and watch the replay of your matches.

This is good advice. I would add to this: 1. Learn how to Kara Demon so that you can punish whiffed SRK’s and the like for max damage; 2. Work on your cross-up game. You want to master ambiguous j.MKs, dive kicks, and the like, and you want to be able to go into a combo from there if your opponent does not block (something like j.MK, c. LP x 2, light tatsu, EX SRK).

Having said that, learning how to play the footsies game is easier said than done. How do you go about this? Are there any rules to a good footsies game with Akuma? I presume using the right normal for the right distance (e.g. sweep from max range, jab from close range) is important, but what else do you need to do?

#1. Practice. (Sorry…)

#2. Know that now, in SSF4, Akuma’s c.MP and c.MK are god. Reserve c.HK for whiff punishes. It’s still a good poke to use raw, but I personally reserve it for x-tatsu’s, LK Tatsu to sweep, and to punish whiffed pokes and DP-like moves.

#3. Every character in the game has poking strategy. Learn their pokes and how fast (or slow) they are and act accordingly. Go in Training Mode and pick a random character. Take a look at all their High and Low normals. Observe the range and speed of them all. If you need specifics, check the frame data and form your own comparisons. It’s readily available.

#4. Footsies is basically a guessing game. But your side of the guess has to be calculated.

#5. Remember one thing: You’re either in attack range or you’re not. If you get punched in the face, you were IN attack range so don’t get mad.

Thanks. This is really helpful. I think part of the problem I’ve had with learning footsies is being too tentative due to Akuma’s low health. I like to either be far away, zoning, or in super close doing cross-ups and what not. Like you say, I think I need to just practice and get comfortable there.

From what I can tell, the point of the footsies game is to either try to make your opponent whiff by being just out of range and then punish, or to open up a punish opportunity by focusing one of their pokes (perhaps even with Demon). Am I right?

If anyone on here would like a sparring partner I’d like one as well. Just figured that might be better than a mentor really. Treat one another as equals with different levels of knowledge and just progress as a team.

There is an extremely fine line between being tentative and being timid. A tentative Akuma is good. A timid one is not…at all. I haven’t seen your gameplay so I’m not trying to indirectly or passively say you are timid. But, alot of new Akuma players can blur this line quite easily. I was one of them.

And your deduction about footsies at the end of your post is pretty right on. Some pros will say that I’m missing this point and that point of course. But, I personally think it’s a good place to start. Being able to out ‘range guess’ your opponent is foundation in footsies.

Also, good advice is to ignore anything gyrosphere says.

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+1 He sucks

Kara demon is ‘buffer SGS’ you ‘douche’… lol. Fruedian fail again.

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My understanding is that buffering SGS means, e.g., buffering c.MK into Demon for AA purposes, and that Kara Demon is ‘hiding’ the inputs for Demon in the start up frames of f.MP so that you can Demon from close range without jabbing your opponent.

I could be wrong on this distinction, so if a pro chimes in and tells me I’m wrong, I’ll accept it. But I won’t accept it from you, douchebag. You’re the guy who thinks Chun-Li is literally invulnerable to AA Demon.

Whatta douche indeed! I never said Chun was ‘invulnearable’, only that in a specific match she jumped it before even landing that surprised me it was even possible after landing it numerous times before. Got it douche. And whether kara or buffer, the concept and inputs are the same meaning they are both hidden to a degree. Kara is just the impression of doing something else. Duh.

‘Kara’ is just a fancy word. Don’t give it too much power. All you need to do is exactly what you said. Hide your SGS inputs. A good player will be suspect of a few jabs being thrown out and be on the ready to counter you. Even worse, one of those jabs connect…game over for Akuma.

I don’t want to derail this conversation here and turn it into a bickering war, but honestly do you have any idea what you are saying? Or do you just type words as they fly into your head?
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