Hot Ghetto shit with magnuz

:lol: couldnt come up with a thread name but yea…this is a thread to post ya new shit with magnuz…i came up with some shit myself…anyways on to it

New mag/sent-g unmashable
i was fucking around trying to come up with a new unmashable for this duo…and i finally got it…goes like this

c.fp, sj.rh ad df,, land call sent-g, s.lp, s.rh, hypergrav xx tempest…

Drones hit b4 tempest so yea…

some other ghetto random shit…

you know the triple fierce combo…the flying screen options u get after it? like after u hit the last c.rh u can hit em high, low from behind etc… well yea i figured a way to get those options while doing the ROM infinite…might not seem useful to some of u guys but i like it…goes like this…

one rep of the ROM infinite goes [ ad df lk lk]…to get the flying screen that u get when doin the triple fierce do this… sj. lk ad df lk fp rh land c.rh …flyin screen comes up and u can do whateva…iono if i confused u with this…lemme kno and i’ll try my best to explain it a lil better…of if someone understands it they can try too…

I got more random ghetto resets…but i’ll post em later…mad lazy right now…so yea

a quick cross up reset is rom infinite, then cross up tri jump with sj.lp, sj.rh, land, into whatever (you CAN, c.fp, into the rom infinite, but it is hard…and you gotta start it with ONE lp, then ad/d lk lk). also, launch, wait, sj to a frost grab is never bad, nobody has EVER teched it when i’ve done it.

Yeah, the one thing about that combo is that the opponent has to be REALLY low in order for the Jab, RH to connect.

Yea its not that bad tho…just do the two lk’s slow…or just to the ROM with lp untill they get low enough…its pretty useful tho…

What u guys think bout the other thing…more options to reset ROM…makes the ROM pretty more deadly then it already is IMO…

Couldnt u do lk mp after you crossed em up into the rom? thats easier than trying to get it of the c.hp launcher…sometimes that shit can be a bitch…

it whiffs a crouching character, which they will be crouching if they get hit be a cross over tri jumped lp most of the time…

about the thing about the rom fierce combo…u always end it in c.rh; you ever experimented with ending it with a c.lp; i’ve heard there are MAD TRICKS out of that, the flying screen really fucks with people

Yea u can end it with c.lp…they go force roll and u can fuck em up…lots of shit after that lil thing…

anybody use, sj.rh, ad/df,, into whatever as a GB anymore? (basically a bump)

Yea i use that shit all the time…pretty hard to get out of…if u wanna mees with their head throw out some sent drones b4…

Anybody got some tips for me on fighting a good runaway storm? i hate fighting that shit…storm/sent/xxx is one team i fuckin despise…so yea…tips on catchin storm b4 she nails you with la xx ls…

Plus some adive on fighting RUSHDOWN storm who uses sent drones…i mainly use msp or mss…one fuckin hit and i’m mostly dead…magnuz takes damage like a puss

storm is the magneto killah…her normals out prioritize mag’s normals all the time…against a good/smart storm…i’d probably say put sent first in MSS. but if you insist, i play combofiend with sent on rp, so i just dash in with staggered lk’s plus sent’s assist, and like, tri jump weird…like, sj.u/b, then ad/df, so if she tri jumps at the same time she gets hit…although, be weary of that standing rh…it is the leading cause of death among marvel characters.

Random post

Saw taiji do this

sj lk,lk, airdash df lk lk, however long ya wanna then sj lk,lk, delay, airdash forward either fierce.

Forces wake up position and gives you time to:

walk a little before they wake up(set up no sj splash highs really well)

time to cross-up with Fk(the real cross-up y’know)

also plenty of time to sj airdash other side lk,lk, dash in,s.lp

so instead of the other common bs you get REALLY good set-ups each time AFTER a 40+ hit infinite, not a bad deal…best reset(and real damage prior to te reset) set-up in the game imo.

Oh yeah, And using the peek-a-boo wtfisgoing on assists gives you even better options

sent-a after wake up scenario call rp then tri jump high lk,(assist hides point char now)

you can do 2 things for fun here, into whatever(who knows if you did a low, you can’t see anyways lol)

or just another high(repeat previous statement in parenth)

The stupid thing about that is a s.fkXXshockwave basically kills a character at that point and you can go back into the corner for the Gb unescapable(one you guys were talking about earlier)

If you’re playing Rp assist, you really only need 2 basic reset set-ups

The one detailed earlier


the instant grabs

in air the grab gives the option to lk,lk, re-jump lk+sent a, delay fp, back into infinite.

on ground the grab gives you

It’s REALLY easy to kill whole characters nowadays…

p.s multiple unblockables are bullshit!:smiley:

Yea when i play sent on rp assist i go for the hard hitting shit…i didnt kno that sent hides mag tho:lol: thats sum good shit…and yea i agree multiple unblockable are fuckin annoying…im usually dead after the 1st one:lol:

That taiji shit is hott…i like that shit, much props to him…do u guys have a harder time fightin storm or sent with mag? i much rather fight sent lol…i think its easier:confused:

much harder fightin storm imo

thank u

hi mixup!!

heh i’ve been doing that setup for awhile now… glad to see people actually noticing it!

actually the one i do… just do the infin like normal, and when you want to end it… just do sj. lk (one or two), air dash df, lk, fp. no special timing needed… im not sure if thats what u wrote :sweat:

this setup is dope cause u can do anything u can normall do from launch fp, ad df fp… and if u get in some random sj. wk… ggpo haha

keep tearing shit up in fl!

da_dragon: i rather fight sent, cause storm w/ 2 bars is too scary haha

yes she is :lol:

that setup u wrote is similar to the one i posted…just that i add some useless shit to it lol

100% Mag combo. New?

OK I dont play Mag so I don’t know if this is new but around here nobody has seen it. I showed my friend this dope combo and he talked to Magnetrox and he said it’s unrollable so here it is.

c lp c hp (launch) sj hk ad df lk lk launch sj lp sj lk ad down hk throw land jump hk throw lk lk hyper grab tempest.

Ok the tempest is mashable we all know that. but my friend plays MSP so when he’s coming down from the last throw he does lk calls psylocke (AAA) lk hyper grab into tempest so it’s not mashable. this can be varied cuz you could go into the slide infinite or do whatever. If this has been done b4 then damn i suck and this just proves that I dont play Mag. If it’s a good combo then i’ll see what else I can come up with.

100% Mag combo. New?

You don’t really even need the hypergrab, just HP into tempest.

100% Mag combo. New?

…damn…this was a good thread too…oh wellz

100% Mag combo. New?

Combo doesnt work for some of reasons…

  1. those two throws wont work cuz u cant jump up and grab again while they are still falling from the 1st one…

  2. hypergrav tempest can only be cancelled in sj mode…from your post i assume that from the 2nd throw…if that shit even works…u reg. jumped leaving u in normal jump mode…so yea hyper grav tempest wont work then…

Aite enough bout this combo…change of topic…dont want this thread goin to the wolves…i agree with 50morecents:lol:

here’s a tip…dunno if its a good one but oh well…a cool way to get ya opponent not to expect ya resets…throw in some fancy shit…cuz u kno when u put em in the ROM they usually kno u gonna try reset it…sometimes i do this…

put em in the slide infinite for a few reps then airdash to the other side lk…and start the ROM or whateva u want…long as it resets its all good:lol:

Even do the s.rh xx sj ad df lk lk infinite then dash under reset…works alot for me…dunno what tha pros have to say bout this but it works alot…feedback plz…