Hot Girl Cosplays from Comic-Con! *Pics!*

Hey everyone,

Just wanted share some photos I’ve taken over the past few years at Comic-con, seeing as Comic-con 2010 is just around the corner. There’s TONS of Street Fighter-related cosplay/action figures/artists, etc. You can check out the album over @ my Flickr account:

For those interested in other conventions, I’ve also been to a bunch of Blizzcons! You can check those pics at:

I hope you enjoy the photos and let me know what you guys think!


what is your station at Onigun Studios (i’m loving the website more than the flickr account. flickr is too slow for such small res pics imo)?

what kind of camera is that? :sweat:

hey nice job mayn! I fully endorse this thread. Y’all other lazy ass thread makers need more hotbabes in your threads


I especially love pics of hot chicks dressed up as a character and that are fans, not just some dumb model they hired, that’s why I never cared for E3 booth babes.

the weird thing is that shaft agent already had all the pics saved to his hard drive before the OP even got the chance to transfer the pics to his computer.

So those were fans & not models? Man my comic con suck ass then…All i got was some black fat guy dressed up as Akuma…

This topic reminded me of how amazing women can be.

Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah hot chick threads are always awesome.

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed my website. Truth be told though, I am not a good web designer… so it is kind of a pain in the ass to update my website too often. Flickr does allow me the flexibility to upload thousands of photos with little work on my end. :slight_smile: But i do agree it is a tad sluggish at times.

The cameras used to take photos used to be a Nikon D300… but I upgraded last month to a D700. :slight_smile: Full frame baby!

Thank you sir! I’m glad I can inject a little eye-candy into your day. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed the photos, I appreciate it.

We have threads for this already, in the proper section.