-Hot Girl Edition Orange's request thread-

i’m taking up some Hot Girl Av Requests

5 requests for now.


  1. like the thread says, Hot Girl avs. i’m gonna say “NO” if you come in here with some bitch ass x/x/sagat groove bar team requests.

  2. provide the pics(ex: check out the hot girl thread). if the pics have nudity or anything subjective to the site, then send me them thru a PM or check my profile for my AIM sn.

  3. total creative freedom. you provide me with the pics, i take it from there.

  4. i have the right to say no to any request. wether it’s something wrong with the pic you provided(like too small), not in the mood, etc. etc.

  5. this thread may close at any time. there may come a time, where i’m tired of taking requests, that’s when this shit closes. get em while they’re hot.

  6. no av whores. if you requested and recieved an av from someone else, don’t request here until after the 2 week period. give the other tagger respect for that shit.

  7. if you are unsatisified with your av OR you found a much hotter pic. come back and i’ll see what i can do for you. enter- the remix.

gallery overload. so i’ll take old avs down as new ones come up.

request pickups/gallery:










ill take you up on your offer, heres my pic let me know if you can put another pic with it cuz theres another one i would like to see with it

k, show me the other pic, and i’ll see what i can do for you.

here it is, thx

k, i’m on it

here you go. i didn’t use the other pic, cause if i included it, it’d look too cluttered.

those girls are ugly…

the hate is strong in this one. :slight_smile:

thx man, the av looks great:D

glad you like it. :cool:

No request but the shirlly(sp) One is hot yo

yo thanks :slight_smile:
i told you i’d make a remix for you anyways, and your PM box is full so i’ll post it here

the remix:

Thanks again, I like that pic makes her look like shes thinking something dirty…Damn I’m a fanboy

requesting av anything youd like im sure it will turn out nice :smiley:


i like your work and the shirly manson 4 got her name from garbage…and that diaz av looks good also …

can u make me one also:rolleyes:

ima post the pic’s u can do it how ever u want…here ya go

here ya go 1 more to go…:smiley:

s-box, here’s your kelly hu av :slight_smile:

TrunksSS3: sure thing man

last one u can pick out anyone u want out of the 3 thx a lot in advance:cool:

OMFG that was fast thanks a lot man looks great :):slight_smile:

hey can u plz make me a av?
here is the pic
it will be great if u can make my name flash or something