Hot girls in fighting scene?


I really want a girlfriend. Any tips on trying to get one of the girls in fighting scene??


I hope you like your girls with a little dash of penis on the side.




your only chance are the cosplayers some events bring out. good luck!


If you’re asking a forum full of nerds advice on how to either get girls in the FGC (all ten of them), or how to get girls INTO the FGC, you don’t have a shot to begin with. LOL.

Thanks for the laughs. Reported for troll/idiotic post.


Not going to lie…
But I would hit Kayane with the fury of a thousand.




But she’s only into black guys. Unless you’re black, you’re SOL.


Most of them are dudes.



She might be able to beat me up with Chun Li… but IRL, stairs and illegitimate rape make it ok.


This thread can only end awesomely.

ChocoBlanka is mine, by the way.


Good sir I do believe you forget the first rule of the SRK forums.


Everyone on SRK is black until proven otherwise.

You gotta keep the dream alive son.


is this the original FoF? Ah nope just some 07er.

there’s always kayo if you’re that desperate


I feel like I could make 100 awesome comments here, but this isn’t GD and I’m afraid my sensibilities are not appreciated beyond the borders of GD.


Double post, I think he’s serious fellas :wasted:


Hands off gentlemen. That fine thing on the right is MINE.


Only if Romney wins.


I’d say the first step is to not make a thread saying you’re looking for a hot girl thats into fighting games




I would like to find a 16 year old girl into ATM. I think you should start by just finding a girl who will let you touch her vagina first. Look for specifics later.