Hot Guy Thread ~*~2~*~

Let’s get it started!!

Outback Jack.

i do find mekhi phifer very hot for a black guy and add josh harnett, it made “O” yummy.

:confused: :wtf:

is he white or something?

No. That’s just a weird thing to say. Reminds me of the times white kids would say to me “hey, you’re pretty cool for a black girl.” I mean, really, wtf? Is that a compliment?

And here’s the picture from the first post with the Trio of Chocolate.

oh i have no idea. im not full white either.

How you going to think somebody’s hot without knowing if they’re black or white? Have you ever seen the man?

Attached is a pic of him. (Unfortunately it’s the best pic I could find… he doesn’t take good pictures.)

It’s just not something I think about. If he’s hot, he’s hot, white, black, asian, hispanic, etc.

Actually I was talking about GigAHertZ…

And I’m not saying that’s what makes them hot… it’s a matter of how do you not notice? It’d be different if it wasn’t obvious… but Mekhi is dark.

schoolgirl scream

Ryan Reynolds… beefed the fuck up…

More Vin, owns all ya’lls guys.

Jude…the dude

Piercing eyes

Jude is a hottie.

Okay, new celebrity hottie.

ahh kinda/sorta…I guess. :razz:

Jude is a great actor, loved all his roles.

dig this guy ladies

there is already a self pic thread in gen. dis.